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  1. Looking through airsoft shops and seeing same old, same old. Go M4 or go home, appears to be the message. 5 million variations, none of them particularly interesting. My main gripe atm is seemingly being unable to get my fat *albartroth* out there and get airsofting. Since I haven't been for a while, my broken aspie brain says "OH NOEZ! You cannot leave your comfort zone!". I gotta try and get out more once winter is over.
  2. Children. Other people's. It's to the stage where I cannot even wash my damn bikes on a weekend without someone else's spawn pool crowding round and trying to sit on my 3 bikes... including the one I am washing at the time. I wouldn't ever airsoft gun one... but the though slips through my mind from time to time! --- On bikes and buses: I don't cycle because I find the roads are too dangerous these days. Not from bus drivers but all the car drivers who really have no place behind the wheel. You can have the nicest, most well-adjusted person on this earth, put them in the mo
  3. Having severe indigestion, headache and all, all day... and driving a forward control bus (you sit in front of the front wheels) over some of the worst roads this mining-subsidence plagued city has to offer, was not fun. And then my doors broke. I so nearly just booked off at 9pm but struggled on since the services would have dropped if I hadn't. Yeah, I'm one of the few bus drivers who actually gives a hoot about his customers!
  4. One thing you might want to consider doing is speaking a/the eulogy for your father at the service. I did for mine, and my sister spoke one for my mother. It helped me and others to have a personal speaker at the service rather than having the (admittedly good) pastor do it.
  5. Shmook, I feel your loss, dude, for both your family members. Having lost both my parents 18 days apart, I know largely what you are going through, and I think you are going the best way about things. When I went through my losses, I insisted on doing all the estate paperwork, tidying the house for the funeral party etc to give me something to do, to stop me just sitting down and breaking up. Condolences to you and your family at this time.
  6. Subway. Italian BMT on Italian bread. Not toasted. Peppered cheese. All salad except red onion. Skip the sauces. I am in heaven <3
  7. Battle worn every time. Every time I buy a new gun, I throw it into a box full of other guns and shake it up.
  8. Sorry, I'm not with you. I am dum --- This mini rant is pants. Literally. I decided to give boxer shorts a try since I usually wear mens briefs (sorry ladies, no tangas here). And the space they take on a washing line is HUGE! I know my waist measures a respectable and o-so-cuddly 42" but damn, I need a mile of washing line to carry a week's worth of undercrackers! So to summarise: Light airy feeling - check Letting the 'little fellers' have some elbow room - check Volumetric efficiency - nope This one should be a Mythbusters test, seriously. --- Bonus mini r
  9. Had a great game at Brit-Tac... To find that there won't be many more games at S2 because someone is buying the building Shame, it is one of the most unique sites out there! They still have woodland and hopefully they will find a new CQB soon.
  10. Hi back atcha I wondered if anyone would even remember me, to be honest. I'm at Brit-Tac tomorrow, only my second game in a year. [edit: by tomorrow I mean later today. Derp!] Sadly, the mess my dad left this house in, it needs a total top down redecoration/sorting. Nearly got the £ for the bathroom, and thats the biggest job. Thing is, I've always worked on a 10hr day, 4 day rota... now I am on mixed shifts on a 8hr, 5 day rota and it just seems never-ending. I hope I can get onto a 4 day rota soon but till then I have to grin and bear it. Having to deal with a pretty antisoci
  11. Been out of airsoft for way too long. Used to skirmish weekly, I've done 4 in 2 years. Its the same old story... worse pay, better hours or better pay, worse hours? I moved to the latter and while an extra 4.5k a year is great, the schedules and seemingly relentless work pattern is demoralising. Once I get the money together that I need to get my house ship-shape, I am going to seriously re-evaluate my priorities... money or happiness.
  12. I want to complain about my own stupidity. Non bikers may not get this though. Moto Guzzi California, I am doing a brake fluid refresh. I put the one-way valve on the front LEFT caliper, squeeze the front brake, open the bleed nipple, nothing happens. I'm there for about a half hour wondering why the lever hadn't sighed in and there was no fluid coming and then I realised... Moto Guzzi. Linked Brakes. I should have been pressing the rear brake lever instead!!!
  13. Kyrian Zenda - thanks for posting that quiz I appreciate it! My result... Your Aspie score: 165 of 200 Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 32 of 200 You are very likely an Aspie I have spoken to a (well, professed...) doctor in the US for about an hour and a half and he said that while he couldn't possibly diagnose me on the phone, that I should seek at least a confirmation of Asperger's. He also said that a true diagnosis could take years, or even forever. Amateur... the only part of that I dont get myself is the feeling of superiority. Sometimes I do, I feel that wh
  14. I have a very mild version so it doesnt affect my life on a minute to minute basis, but its annoying. I have to put everything in order. The most annoying part is spending all day constructing my side of a conversation I need to have with someone... only to forget it all and revert to a beta personality when it actually comes to the speaking!
  15. Cheers I got checked out because my sister did an Autism Quotient test on Facebook and I gave it a go. Autists generally score over 35 on this test... I got 44! In a way, I'm glad I have a name for it. It explains a LOT in my life I have never understood - why I struggle to spot nuances and keep up in conversation, why I am so scatterbrained, why I am so OCD about the stupidist things and every small thing has to be planned. I will walk intentionally looking down to avoid standing on cracks in paving stones, but won't look out for the lamp standard dead ahead... On the other hand,
  16. I am not intending this to be an excuse for the way I behaved when I was last in this thread but my current rant is summed up in one word. Asperger's.
  17. Yes, have a green smartie on me --- Ah well, I'm done with airsoft anyway. Maybe temporarily, maybe permanently. I think this is a good time for a forum hiatus as well. - Guzzi
  18. I apologise if my comment appeared that way to you. I'm not point scoring, I dont participate in the internet polularity contest. I'll leave it at that!
  19. @ Tinkerbell: No, I'm angry that although you used to be a friend, you only seem to comment on any of my posts or even refer to me when you are attempting to antagonise. What a shame... that I dont care --- Actually, I'm angry that Ducati have put such a powerful engine in a normal looking bike Its like rolling up against a Hillman Avenger in a BMW, only to find out the thing is just an Avenger body on a Ferrari chassis, and has a 6 litre, blown, nitro engine. It's being caught out by the unexpected. Dave has it pretty much on the mark
  20. One for Stealthbomber this.... I was on the Griso yesterday stuck behind some cars through some stupid bloody double-white lines on the B5035. A white bike cruises up behind. So once I could clear the campervan I went for it to enjoy the road. Now I could see this bike was a sit up and beg style, so I didnt expect it to keep with my low cruiser. But it did. I dont know the road so I was pretty conservative, admittedly... 90-95 on straights, down to 70-80 for corners...and it stuck like glue. GRR. Most sportbikers can't keep up with me when I'm going for it, I had dispatched a tea
  21. Not a rant... but an irritation. 'Human Resources' companies with stupid standard forms. I want to apply for Firstbus. There are 3 problems here... First problem is, it seems that each former employer reference you have tots up more 'points'. Not enough points, no prizes. Secondly, I have been at the company I am with now for over 8 years. I was with Arriva for 21 months before that. This means that because I have been loyal to employers, I only have one reference so I am less likely to get a job... Final problem is that the only reference I can give before that is... Firs
  22. Arghoslent - you have my sympathy I have achilles tendonitis at the mo and it is god damn demoralising!
  23. Chances are he was using a s(h)atnav and didnt review his route before he set off. God DAMN I hate those things!
  24. Heeheehee fixed my bar end... I should have been using an allen socket and wrench from the start really. Anyway, I used an old GuzziHero trick. If you have an allen bolt that is rounded, get a Torx that is slightly larger, hammer it in. You key the bolt into being a Torx instead.
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