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  1. I chronod my Warhawk with .20 excel/ics mix, with a Strikalite 1900mAh. My results were 244, up to 253. A bit limp, I thought. A rewire and new air seal(s) are in order methinx
  2. All the choccy covered raisins stealthing their way to the bottom of a tub of Revels that cost £2.99!!!!!!!!! from Odeon Cinema. Next time, Ill eat my own limbs - itll be cheaper and less painful.
  3. I dont like the Top Point. Wish I had that Tasco (in the pic) back on it. Looked dumb, but worked bootiful.
  4. When you search google for results in the UK and every god damn link down to page 7 is in the US...and those crummy <bleeps> cant be arsed to send international!!!!!
  5. Ohh...go on then: The hi-rise mounts suited this gun well, and the scope (despite its huge size - I didnt know how large it was till it arrived!) worked exceedingly well with it. Now sold the scope and fitted a Walther Top Point.
  6. Mine is doing it with everything...I have to try White Devils again. My MAC is the standard plakky body with the trademarks filled in with white Tippex. Too boring to post.
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