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  1. I'm stressed... about stress. I KNOW that I'm fine financially, and will be better if I get this new job. I KNOW I will get my £ back from the jizzball who owes me. I know I'm in the prime of my life and my minor medical concerns won't last too long. So why can't my thick brain accept that in base 4, I'm fine? So... I'm depressed... about being depressed. And I dont know any way out. I am listless and tired all the time. I'm not getting enough sleep. I have little energy or interest in anything. *sigh*
  2. Firstgroup have a very silly recruitment system. I KNOW Newcastle Under Lyme depot needs drivers, but they havent advertised on their own website. So I have had to fill out a lengthy form to ask them to let me know when a job becomes available. Oh, and online is the ONLY way to apply now. No wonder theyre always short, noone can be arsed to fill out the forms!
  3. The original is 1400x875. PM me your email addy and I'll lob it over
  4. Fish & chicken hmm? I do like me salmon I personally have also gone onto 1% fat milk (its nice!) and reducing my amount of sugar intake. I'll try that. Especially as grilling also is quicker and saves electricity compared to oven cooking. But now I will have a problem that my freezer is too big... Anyway, another issue to overweightness I think is microwaving. I didnt realise that it can increase calorific content of food over oven cooking Plus food actually tastes of something when its oven cooked, thats a bonus.
  5. Dude, I am pretty big (not as big as I was but still...) and especially at Brit-Tac with all the stairs, I am rocking like a hurricane when most others are huffed and puffed out. It's not fat... its energy reserves
  6. Achilles' tendons are great, when they behave.
  7. That puts my meagre problems into perspective. Best of luck with that!
  8. Moto Guzzi... Its OK having an exotic bike, but trying to find people who have the equipment to re-map it for open exhausts is a nightmare. D&K (8 miles away) used to be Aprilia/Guzzi dealers and have the tool, but its not working so they dont know if they have the map. Dan's (9 miles away) has sent theirs away for repair and upgrade, and it could take 2 weeks to get back. Bikerz (35 miles away) needs the tech guy to look at it, and he isnt in Tuesday. 2 other places 39 and 40 miles away have been Aprilia/Guzzi dealers but dont have the equipment or the map. Next option i
  9. Yeah I will bet his stationmates are ripping the **** out of him as we speak
  10. Haha that dude is definitely trying to compensate since everyone else has a G36 and all he has is what looks like a water pistol* *I know it's a tazer
  11. I know. But the tourist guide when I went for the TT said that they were'nt accepted in most English stores. Odd.
  12. Oh, looks like I was mistaken... RBS notes have never had old Lizzie printed on them. I did get a shop to accept it though. I know for sure Manx pounds aren't accepted, the cash machine at the sea terminal only issues English notes for that reason.
  13. Our company does not accept NI notes. Last I knew, Scottish ones did. Ah well, our policy is not to take any note without the Queen's smiling visage on, so you may have gotten a Lizzie-less note The nationwide bus policy is that you should hail buses. If you haven't had to in Leeds, you're lucky. Usually I will accept someone stepping towards the kerb or getting a pass/money ready... over time you learn the sort of secret signals that people give. Stepping back is usually a sign to drive on. We do get it wrong though, sometimes I have stopped to see some gawking pratt just look at m
  14. Okay... in order: 1. It isnt in order, I agree. It should really be posted on all the buses in a prominent place. But as far as I know there are no legally required SOPs, so all they will say it "Well, we put notices up". Unfortunately, I dont expect they will give you any joy here. D&G Coach & Bus who I work for post notices on all buses a week in advance, if possible, of any problems or diversions. 2. It should have been accepted. The rule I have always known on Firstbus Stoke on Trent, Arriva Midlands and D&G is "If it has the Queens head on it, you take it". If it
  15. Yeah, I was too forgiving. I'm a sucker At least I now have bike covers so they can't just jump on them, and I will be stricter next time. Mate of mine said "You think you're going easy on them, but you aren't doing them any favours by letting them get away with things". Tru dat yo. --- House alarms have to stop sounding after a certain amount of time by law. If it doesnt, they ought to be reported. As if the useless ****-toads that call themselves police will do anything about it, but there you go. And...why was the neighbour complaining to YOU if someone ELSE knocked their
  16. Its a Royal Enfield. You won't be in a position to overtake for about the next 30 years Not being funny but I caught and passed one on an RXS100! With the kids, I think next time I keep the garage locked, and the house door shut. GRR!
  17. Children. Bear with me. I have always said "Kids are great, as long as theyre someone elses". So Im washing my Guzzi Griso. I've just polished the paintwork on the Guzzi Cali. Next thing I know, I'm swamped by kids from a family up the street. They are talking to me etc, thats cool. Then they start going in my garage going "COOOOL" at everything. Then the start climbing. On. My. Bikes. GRR, I think and try to carry on. Then theyre climbing on the one Im washing. Damn, I am way too patient. My back door is open, one starts going in. I OI! at that and lock
  18. I'm not for protecting criminals or making their lives lush at all. I just believe in fair and correctly managed punishment. Maybe criminals need justice more than the victims do. But justice comes in many forms, and many criminals need that justice before they become criminals. With that being impossible, then the correct form of justice is an attempt at rehabilitation. Yes, some people are naturally ****ed up. But we owe it to our own society to try and help at least offenders by accident or unfortunate circumstances a chance to come good. Justice is more than just punishment
  19. Hedge - it is obvious we are never going to agree. I will simply say that in my opinion you are not aware of the social aspects that help to cause criminality, and you seem to be of the opinion that our justice system is fair and works flawlessly. It does not. And fair point - you never mentioned torture. That was AmateurStuntMan. You were the one who was condoning an outlaw system. Which still doesnt work. I'm just glad that neither of you are politicians, nor are ever going to be
  20. You ARE taking the **** right? I just want to be sure.
  21. I'm not saying that they shouldnt be punished. But at least at first there should be SOME attempt at rehabilitation. And to be honest if you see a lot of those folks coming out of courtrooms after a crim is sentenced for their offspring's murder you will find as often or not they say they forgive him. What then? If you act monstrously towards a monster, then you risk becoming a monster yourself. If someone condones a horrible crime, then is it not the same if that crime is committed upon a criminal? And yeah, maybe I would think differently if I was a victim. But would you thin
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