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  1. THAT I like. Capital punishment doesnt work for one simple reason. What if they have the wrong man? If you think "Oh, but our justice system is fair, and it works", as yourself this: would a cop ever lie? If you say yes, thanks for proving my point. If you said no, take off the rose tinted glasses and look up cases like the Birmingham Six and John Christie. Plus, doesnt our justice system have legislation against cruel and unusual punishments? I'll bet the same orangutans who beg for criminals to be tortured until death would be horrified at in depth accounts of the dungeons of
  2. Can someone PM me when the small-*rickroll* chest beating and baying for blood is over? kthx
  3. While completely ignoring the underlying causes of most crime such as poverty, child abuse etc. Bunch of right wing ****s spouting sewage, this is.
  4. I said about, not only, empirically Generally those social aspects are probably just pack mentality. What I meant to say is that everything 'civilised' about us is trained into us. But you knew that, you were just being pendantic
  5. Unfortunately, the desires to impregnate females, eat and murder are about the only instincts man has that ARE human. Everything else is trained in. Crime is simply a failure to suppress our natural instincts. Plus, do you not see the hypocrisy there? Surely if you torture someone, they havent consented, does this not make you a criminal? Put someone on that job for a short while and they will start to enjoy it... --- Another little rant (without too much detail): Accepting 20pm payment on a £1600 debt is not happening.
  6. Hmm... gocompare didnt list that one up. I never watch TV anyway
  7. Oh sorry, my gaffe. The 02 was £15.50 plus £9.50 line rental.
  8. Managed competition, thats what is needed Anyway, new rant: BT So I'm paying £38.78pm for BT Evening & Weekends plus 8M broadband. I look for a better deal. Hmm, O2 are £15.50 for 20M including line rental (my actual line supports 12M). I call up BT for a MAC code. Suddenly they can offer me line rental and up to 20M broadband for £25.28.
  9. A bike is safer than a car. Because it helps us keep out of the way of all the knobs in cars I think smokers and alcoholics should have to pay an increased NI contrib
  10. Its hand cranked with very stiff gears...
  11. Far too much money? Shall we have a competition for people to guess how much I make an hour?
  12. God yeah. Oddly... I have less issue with cigar or pipe smokers. They dont have the same acrid stench of cigarettes. Some cigars actually smell quite nice They certainly dont gag you like cigarettes do. Mind you, my dad always taught me growing up that cigarettes are for women, cigars and pipes are for men. He would consider men smoking cigarettes as less than true men...!
  13. I wouldnt unfriend them but I wouldnt allow smoking in my house. I think I'd feel really uncomfy being in a house with smoke smells in it.
  14. I work in an enclosed atmosphere. I dont like it. Nuff said, deal with. Whats with your arrogant ****ty attitude lately? This last few months you've been acting like a cricketer with a bee in his box
  15. I always do. But as they say, I dont got time ta bleed! At least I didnt have to squeeze one out of my tongue this time!
  16. Thats nothing... get one or two of them on a bus. Or a few old ladies playing perfume wars... that **** can give you a migraine... You spray it on, NOT BATHE IN IT! But the most annoying of all is the antisocial ****sucking ****tards who smoke their foul **** while waiting for the bus, take a last drag of that horrid **** then breathe their ****ing foul stink in my ****ing face when they get on. I tellya, if someone is smoking when I pull up, I leave the damn doors CLOSED till theyve finished. If they're the only person there and they dont wanna finish in 3 more drags, I leave th
  17. Partially up but not fully for me so far. Thanks for getting onto this as fast as you have, and thanks for the great forums mate
  18. Ironic how the one beefing on about the Union is the one with a manx flag in his profile. If we want to get technical, I'm 1/4 Scot, 1/4 Lithuanian and 1/2 English. I still consider myself an Englishman. Deal with Although in motor racing events at least, the Northern Irish have their own flag represented on the podium (ala Colin Turkington, Eddie Scumbag Irvine). I remember when Irvine got his first podium, they put up an ROI flag by mistake. They corrected it the next time...and put up a Union flag Does NI have its own olympic team? I dont know. --- Stealth - technica
  19. Jeez man Glad to see you are OK. Resale value or not, it'll cost you to replace that. GET THE TAX DISC, you can at least claim back some of its value towards another car.
  20. That mask is awesomesauce! Me (centre) before gaming started at SWAT Urban today.
  21. Note to self: NEVER watch John Cleese when you need to have a pee. I nearly practiced some dribbling skills of my own...
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