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  1. If its the 09/10 goofy-eyed version then its a big bang, otherwise it aint.
  2. I once test-rode a 1985 Yamaha RXS100N with no muffler on it. That sound was ringing in my ears for hours afterwards. People 200yds away were covering their ears! --- Another rant - bank balance paranoia. I KNOW I'm fine. I have had a few what I call 'yearly hits' and 'occasional hits' on it recently - bike insurance, new tyres for the entire fleet (Haotian - £120, Cali - £220, Griso - £240) and so on. But yet Im paranoid that my balance is lower than it was 8 months ago. Of course it will be...and it will recover. I know this. I also know Im putting £1200 a year into an ISA in
  3. Big-bang R1s. What an utterly obnoxious noise. A pic to demonstrate...: Most 4 cylinder machines use the standard firing pattern. Big-bang Yamaha R1s use the big-bang principle. It is intended to replicate a V-twin pattern. This increases torque, and leaves longer dead zones in the torque rotation allowing the tyre more recovery time to find grip. What it doesnt do, however, is sound like a V-twin. 2 little pepper-pot 250cc cylinders sound more like a 2-stroke with a throat infection, or a 4-stroke with a cracked exhaust. Its bloody awful!
  4. nPower are absolutely taking the ****ing ****! So when I joined them in Feb 09 I was paying £116 a month, the same I was paying with British Gas, which was the same we were paying with 3 people in the house... So I built up (over summer, part of winter) nearly £600 worth of credit. They reduce my payments for £4 a month, I compromised to £20 a month. Next bill, £409 credit. Then it turns out they have 'transposed' the day and night rates, and its actually £200 credit. Still with the worst of winter in there. So what are they wanting to do now? Give me back £130 into my ac
  5. We keep having to put fares up because people like you keep buying scooters --- The people they give free bus passes to now is ridiculous. You have a drug problem? Free pass. Alcoholic? Free pass. Walk with a slight limp every tuesday if its raining? Free pass. I've seen people sprint to the bus, then show a disabled pass...
  6. Owing someone money then posting pics of your new '51 plate GSXR1000 is not tactful, or clever...
  7. 10 mins of TV programmes then 5 mins of adverts. This is why I dont watch TV.
  8. Yeah, problem is with Cobridge, it needed expanding. If we could have had assurity that it would be there for a while, we could have made a CQB village etc which would have been cool. But no long term guarantee = not worth doing any work, and not doing any work = no long term guarantee. Apart from the fact that Kezz was ripping everybody off including the building owner.
  9. One I missed from the short-lived Unreal Cobridge site. Could have been a half-decent site if the owner wasnt such a ****
  10. If we go back a half dozen generations, most of us are.
  11. Actually... The quality of your home life, your schooling and your health care do a LOT to define you. And the quality of those are directly influenced by your country of origin and where you spent your childhood. For example, if you were born in Botswana, there is a 1 in 4 chance that your life would be at least partially defined by the AIDS virus. Thats a pretty harsh example, but what I am trying to say is that your personality is largely formed by your surroundings, and your surroundings are in England. Ergo, you ARE defined by your nationality.
  12. England still is its own country. Wales is believe it or not still its own country. Thats why I am currently getting thick letters from there regarding this speeding fine because Im getting it in English AND Welsh. Scotland is a devolved country. Cornwall wishes it could be, hence why people have those white-on-black flag stickers with Kernow on them. Look at any single source in the world and it will say England is a country, Wales is a country, Scotland is a country and Northern Ireland is a mess. --- The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy and unitary state cons
  13. If the Welsh can proudly proclaim that they are Welsh, and the Scottish can proudly call themselves Scotsmen, then I damn sure as hell will call myself an Englishman. New bloody rant: Anyone who associates English pride with nationalism and racism. It is NOT a bloody crime to be proud of your country. We cheer for England in the world cup. We cheer for England in the 5 Nations. But as soon as I call myself an Englishman I get shot down. Bugger off!
  14. Im an Englishman, caught speeding in Wales, and AA Driveraware processes payments through Royal Bank of Scotland. Its a conspiracy!!!
  15. Well, that was hard to find... http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20100601/wl_nm/us_israel_flotilla_tactics "Some of the troops wielded paintball rifles -- non-lethal weapons designed to bruise, beat back and mark suspects for later arrest, but which apparently proved of limited use against activists who had the protection of life-jackets and gas masks." --- New rant: People who cannot or will not use Google to find stuff instead of expecting others to spoon-feed them with links.
  16. *sucking in or air through teeth* G&P... I think my problem with G&P is that they are largely incompatible with other makes. If I had started with G&P and stuck with them, instead of starting with CA and trying to get G&P stuff to work on it, I'd have a different opinion. As it is, G&P is a nuisance to someone who already has 4-5 M-series from other manufacturers. --- Anyway... I want to sell this 24" but I need to upgrade it first. I'm having to buy an entire set of allen keys just to get a 1.2mm, because the regular size allen keys will not remove the mag re
  17. I hate this gun for many reasons. The externals are good quality but the paint is junk, leaving BRIGHT shiny metal everywhere. The textured stock looks like its 10 years old after a skirmish or two because it shows scratches badly. The foregrip is held by goddamn FRICTION so putting a bipod or any form of side leverage on it makes the entire front end come loose. Plus mine came in at 280fp, 240 with the hop on so you could telegraph your shots to people and it'd get there quicker. Ive seen people Im firing at simply watch the BBs come in and move side to side as they slowly bimble past
  18. He's in love with you. Book the registrars
  19. Daft question but...couldnt you have gotten one over here for not a lot more?
  20. I like Guzzis because theyre chunky Nice big meaty machines with a fair handling capability But each to their own! Are we talking Enfield, or Royal Enfield (Indian) here?
  21. Well from the way she was describing it, I should have MORE credit cos Ive used more electric on night rate than day (dont know how!) so that should be good --- Spudgun - get a Guzzi, theyre a lot less hassle
  22. Guess what... nPower have been using my normal rate numbers to calculate my low rate and vice versa. She said they call it 'transposing'. You know it must happen regularly when they have a company wide term for it. So **** only knows what my bill is now...they have to recalculate back for 16 months...
  23. Ah, cheers :)

    I forgot to fudge my birthday again, it seems :D

  24. *le sigh* Npower. Proving that logic and sense are not the same thing. I used to pay the same amount as I did when my parents were alive, so that I would build credit until I worked out what level to set my payments at. This is a monthly fixed-rate payment which builds up Cr in summer, and uses it in winter. Originally I was with British Gas and built up silly amounts of credit. When they wouldnt listen to me and pay some back or reduce my payments, I switched to Npower. This was Feb 09. So, come Nov 09, I have build up nearly £600 credit. They reduce my payments to £4 to u
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