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  1. New gun. Echo 1 G36c. No Front grip Front grip Front grip folded stock (Only one more, i swear) Everything, plus two mags.
  2. I'm trying to search for something, and it tells me nothing can be found. I know there is an article on a M14 and an article for AGM, yet if you type one of those in, nothing shows up. This happened for anyone else? EDIt* If you put in what you're looking for and then a *, some stuff shows up.
  3. For that, I don't know if I should +1 or -1 you. You got a good price, but now I can't get them for that. Lucky.
  4. How the *fruit* did you get them for $40?! I need these!
  5. Where'd you find 70rd metal's for $6.50? You must give me link. I've spent all afternoon looking for mid-caps from MAG, and I'm gonna say, THEY AREN'T OUT THERE!!
  6. King Arms AK Railed Handguard Grip & Stock. Am I right?
  7. Well, CYMA CM028 pics, different ones this time, even though they make look the same.
  8. My CYMA CM028 just came, and I have amny pics, but I'm not sharing all. I'll give the link to the rest. Review coming sometime.
  9. I might have macfee, but it expired about a year ago, but my brother is always putting on anti-everything. And it would ask me if I wanted to blck or allow the program. Any help now?
  10. Ok, I'm done my Dell, and this is what I get: Unable to connect : java.net.SocketException : Software caused connection abort: connect What does this mean?
  11. Well, I'm using my Hp computer now, and it's fine. Only my Dell wont work with it. I cant get the error message off it now, but I'll post it later.
  12. I just searched, didn't find anything helpful, because nothing was there. Is the chat room dead? I've tried tonight, and a month or so ago, and both times, it wont connect. Could someone help me here?
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