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  1. I guess the fact that the information here is already starting to repeat itself means that it's sound information
  2. You necroposted a necropost... and that's just sick.
  3. CAUSE: I still use PaintShop Pro 5. Yes, the one from 1998. EFFECT: There is a lot of white space. Cheers. EDIT: CAUSE: I read the entire thread, but backwards. EFFECT: I missed the poster generator and used PSP5 instead.
  4. Some of you guys are my heroes... my wife thinks I have way too many guns right now (and I'm currently adding to the collection at an increasingly alarming rate). She would murder me if I had something like you guys. One day, she's going to have to.
  5. Great trader. Everything as described. Excellent communication.

  6. Great trader, great person, will NOT HESITATE to do business with again

  7. These are the same goggles they issued to use before my deployment to Afghanistan. I've used them in training and in combat environments in Afghanistan and Iraq. They are absolutely the worst pair of goggles I have ever owned, and I've owned quite a few. Small amounts of exertion will cause them to fog up heavily (hence, I suppose, the reason for the drilling). They're uncomfortable after any period of wearing, and the allow sweat to drip straight into your eyes. I've never used them for airsofting, but the range training I've done with them on when we were required to wear them is comparable
  8. Look into the Talon Flex pistol magazine pouches from BlackHawk. They don't have retention flaps, so they'll hold magazines of any size. They're a bit pricy (but then again, everything that BlackHawk makes is) but might be one of your few options, if not your only.
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