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    Aside form airsofting interests include WWII history, notably the units, tanks and artillery of the period. I also build models of these subjects.<br /><br />I am currently apart of the US Army, 11B Infantry and also act as the unit assistant armorer. As you would guess my interests include real weapons as well.<br /><br />I often get into political debates and am very opinionated on many things especially where this war is going as I am already on my second tour in Iraq and I have my concerns on where this is going.<br /><br />I like to be contacted if there is any questions at all based on my views, the US army, hobbies, etc. I try to answer anything at the best of my knowledge or will help to get the answers if I don't have them myself. Hit me up.
  1. Best person on Arnies!

  2. Here is my Glock 34 with metal slide and an M3 Tac light mounted on the rail. Thank you again ViciousV10s for the 34 and also Subjectxm13 for the M3.
  3. My G&P M4A1. Went for a Rainbow Six 3 ish look with a red dot mounted on a modified carry handle.
  4. My G&P M4A1. Went for a Rainbow Six 3 ish look with a red dot mounted on a modified carry handle.
  5. That 92 USP looks alot like a Sig P226 to me. Nice design.
  6. Enzo posted pics of my former MG36, now I am H&K less. I wanna cry. I think he will put it to better use though. Again enzo, please take care of it.
  7. Back in Alaska I have an M1 Garand bayonet, the ring has been cut off though, has a hell of a stench to it as well. I also got an AKM Type I bayonet with the scabbard no belt loop though, a 4-inch stainless Balisong with blue marbelized handle. Here in California I had a black handled 4-inch carbonsteel Balisong, had a grey wood handled pocket knife, and now currently have a black Remington sportsman series II limited edition pocket knife.
  8. Finally found the damn digi cam so here's my MG36E,Glock 17 and Glock 18C which is up for sale right now
  9. I was just showing that pic,sure it may not be the same thing but it is the closest excuse TM has for making the G3SAS I would think.
  10. Yeah actually the G3SAS sorta does exist though perhaps the SAS do not use them,this was brought up on the old forum as well and I believe it was Arnie who found this picture,have a look.
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