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    KWA Glock 18C, KWA Glock 17, TM/G&P MG36E
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    G&G UMG x2, KSC Glock 34 x2, TM P90 RD, Maruzen P99 GBB, TM/G&P G36K, TM/G&P/CA AG36
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    Aside form airsofting interests include WWII history, notably the units, tanks and artillery of the period. I also build models of these subjects.<br /><br />I am currently apart of the US Army, 11B Infantry and also act as the unit assistant armorer. As you would guess my interests include real weapons as well.<br /><br />I often get into political debates and am very opinionated on many things especially where this war is going as I am already on my second tour in Iraq and I have my concerns on where this is going.<br /><br />I like to be contacted if there is any questions at all based on my views, the US army, hobbies, etc. I try to answer anything at the best of my knowledge or will help to get the answers if I don't have them myself. Hit me up.
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