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  1. Excellent seller, goods received in quick order, all in mint condition and full working order as described

  2. Awesome guy to deal with.


  3. Excellent seller. Everything as described and promised. Thank you Greg.

  4. My tornado grenade was great in the beginning but soon it turned pants. It stripped the thread off the end cap when it blew it off and sent the grenade flying into the air. I bought another one from AI (who's customer service is brilliant) along with other spare parts. It then managed to blow the fill valve straight out and stripped the thread. Now the grenade is useless. I should have known from past experience that you should not mix metal parts with plastics threads. When it worked it was awesome and as described. I might try and see if I can mod it a bit and get it back working in the futu
  5. The man that took me under his wing when I first started playing and taught me what I needed to know. Truly a fine example of a good human being and great player to boot.

  6. Brilliant buyer, good comms and instant payment.

  7. A fine exapmple to others of fair play honesty and self control. It's a pleasure to skirmish with this man :)

    Big sexy bear :)

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