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  1. Doesn't seem to be selling through the site, but thanks!
  2. Am not on FB, but if any kind soul could please enquire for me, I would be indebted. Ta!
  3. I am still about...still trying to find those retro guns I should have bought 15 years ago when it was so much easier...and cheaper! TK VP-70 WA M1934 Those were the ones that got away!
  4. How much for the Elcan scope please Arnie - and any pics at all? And the Socom M9 - price at all please? Thanks!
  5. Anything RS, WA or TM tbh thanks.
  6. Needed the cap to complete my Platatac NDS camouflage set, and one happens to pop up...
  7. Are TM SPAS 12 stocks still desirable?!

    1. Skarclaw


      Its niche but some people really want them but don't have them. Not sure how much people would pay though. You can buy "phoenix" stocks for $120 if that gives you an idea

  8. Anyone know if Boom Arms Airsoft shop is still going?

    1. Gunnman


      They are, they just never answer emails. Den Trinity is the same.

    2. Dentonboy
  9. What is the going rate please for a RS Trijicon ACOG with a LaRue QD mount?

  10. Anyone interested in a VIP Adventure Light strobe - green/IR bulbs plus bespoke tan MOLLE pouch?

  11. Thanks Hitman, I have enquired.
  12. D'oh, 'absolute' of course. Do they have an online presence - I can't seem to find a WA website?
  13. Well played. Abdolute classic.
  14. Where did you get that? Utterly jealous, would love one.
  15. Going to have a seriously rare UKSF Platatac CUTS up for sale on here by the weekend...

  16. Hi guys, can any Tanaka S&W M500 owners tell me what part number the front sight is please? Seven blessings.

  17. Want to treat myself if I get a mooted promotion: A&K M60 VN, A&K SR25 Carbine, TM M4 MWS or TM 416 EBBR?

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    2. BioRage


      pls, obvious the mws!

    3. BioRage


      actually m60 with dg kit be tits.

    4. BioRage


      ain't no ebb getting you the fun as a gbb mate.

  18. Do I upgrade or sell my stock A&K PKM...?!

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    2. Dentonboy


      Best place to buy one please?

    3. Skarclaw
    4. Dentonboy


      I'm going with some Lonex internal upgrades plus a Guarder clear HOP, which I hope should get it purring...

  19. My brother picked up the STTi version (the box looks familiar to the one above) from TaiwanGun last week for about £20. He absolutely loves it, and it seems to be an absolute bargain. The FPS noticeably shoots up once the silencer/extended barrel is screwed on, and it sounds very nice. I would say though, the plastic feels quite light-weight and I wouldn't trust it to survive a fall onto something harder than grass, so a lanyard/decent holster would be a must buy IMHO. I have the TM MK.23 and I love it. But the STTi version makes that seem heavyweight.
  20. Top work Grim. Michael Mann-esque.
  21. Are LCT AEGs similar in build quality to E&L AEGs? Thanks.

  22. Looking for a fire selector for a King Arms FAL if anyone can help at all...have emailed tonnes of airsoft retailers...ta!

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    2. hitmanNo2


      I'm not sure if they do parts but worth a shot perhaps? http://www.theairgunyard.com/

    3. Deve


      The FAL selector gears on the mechbox are taken from the SIG 55*s - worth looking to see if you could mod a SIG selector? Won't be 'right' but could function.

    4. Dentonboy


      Literally just need the outside catch...

      Thanks though guys.

  23. Preparing my ICS Galil ARM at R.I.F.T The Defilade. Bushnell holosight on RIS upper.
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