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  1. Aren't you supposed to wait until Easter to rise again?

  2. She was fine. The truck and telephone pole weren't. $5000 worth of damage at 5mph.
  3. It is real. Look at the feed area of the magazine and at the bolts holding the body together.
  4. My girlfriend's older sister totaled her car at 5mph. She was coasting down their dirt road and happened to look down for a short moment. The truck drifted off the road and hit a power pole.
  5. Toby Keith- Beer for My Horses Rise Against- But Tonight We Dance
  6. Anyone here in the US buy an ATi Stock for there shotgun? Anyone have the adapter piece for Winchester models? I really need it for my 12g. I managed to loose the piece. Thanks On topic: I don't know what to think of that drum mag...
  7. My '88 Toyota as it looked on the fourth of July.
  8. Toby Keith- Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue Boston- Rock n' Roll Band Styx- Come Sail Away
  9. You've probably never seen a graphics card use so much power either. What does that sucker eat a couple hundred watts?
  10. 88 Toyota. Five speed, 2.4L 4-Cylinder, 4WD, roll bar w/KC lights, assault bar, heavy bumper, running boards, skid plates, awooga horn, air tank, air horns, and .44 Mag shifter nob. My graduation gift from my parents.
  11. 350 Volts might blow the lights.
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