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  1. Yep, anything you want to put on your 17 will work on the 34. The only difference between them is the length of the slide and inner and outer barrels.
  2. If the spring that is used to keep the mag catch in place is damaged/missing/non-operational then it won't matter what mag catch you install, it still wont work correctly. You need to check that the mag catch is being returned to where it needs to be to hold the mag in place properly by the spring first. If this is not the cause of the fault then a metal mag catch may work. It cartainly shouldn't cause any problems due to it being worn down over time!
  3. Well its...interesting. Care to share with us exactly what you have done there?
  4. Just recently got a full trade marked frame for my KSC G34.
  5. Occasionally pulling the slide back to load the first shot is a bit problematic, it sometimes sticks due to the added weight of the silencer. After that it is fine though and will lock back after the last shot every time. The problem seems to be getting better with use however. Yes it is a KSC.
  6. Just got a silencer for this one and managed to get it cycling nicely 99.9% of the time. Under the silencer: A spare G34 barrel I had knocking around the spares box.
  7. Thought id ask this here. I want to fit a silencer to a KSC G26 I have but I have heard bad things about the g&g threaded barrels. Are there any other makes of threaded outer barrel out there suitable for this gun?
  8. I have the KJW G32c and its the only pistol I own that I will take out on a game just in case I think I will need sidearm. I havent had it long but I have never had a problem with it. It certainly feels solidly built and like it wont break any time soon.
  9. This is something I have just come into possesion of after a trade on this forum, and its beautiful.
  10. Great glocks everyone, shame that looking at this thread has completely put me back to square 1 when it comes to choosing which glock I want.
  11. Isn't there already a section on peoples profiles where the individual can list their guns, that you can check to see what they have? Im sure i've filled it in on my profile. It seems that if thats true its just another case of not being bothered to search. All it takes is to look in the research database for a poster who owns a particular gun. People have PM'd me that way. Or glancing through existing posts to find someone who obviously owns 'x' gun just by the content/type of thread they are posting in.
  12. I uploaded a product (the CA aug a1) and that worked fine. I then wrote a review for it. I am told I already voted this product a 9/10 (which I did), but I cannot see the review I wrote. Any help with this one?
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