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  1. There seems to be a new trend in selling where people list the retail value of parts they've included in the gun they're selling... Guess what? NO ONE CARES. I'm not paying you $90000 for your lightly upgraded CYMA

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    2. Vice


      Whats worse is when they include - "I had it serviced for £40" - so what? Serviced by whom? What was wrong with it to warrant a service? If it was broken you would have to knock £50 off most RIFs to shift them.

    3. Tariel


      Servicing and shipping charges should never be included. Anyway, if someone spends the money to upgrade something, even if it is not what you would want. It is still money spent regardless. You will pay less than what it would cost to get them all brand new, unless the seller is an idiot. A person would upgrade his gun either if it wasn't neccesary or if it didn't serve a purpose.

    4. Mike_West


      Fun fact: cosmetic parts on my ARMY MEU cost as much as the gun itself.

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