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  1. Its my iphone's fault!! *runs away crying*
  2. My babies. ICS MP5SD2 (Brand New) Airsoft Elite MP5A2 (Never Fielded)
  3. Cell Phone Pic, but happy I finally got a VFC Scar, wanted one for ages.
  4. Thanks! Yup, as you stated its not worth it so I just ordered a CYMA AK74 with the wood furniture.
  5. So I ordered a RK-05, had one before but I got it for a steal this time. How difficult would it be to put a wood full stock on it? I was told I'd need a new receiver for it.
  6. Hi Guys, If at all possible I have a pic request. Could anyone take a picture of an AKM next to an AK74 w/ the AKM flashider on it. Or would they look virtually the same? I'm looking to get a dboys steel AK 74 and throw the akm styled flash hider on it instead of buying one of the CYMA AKM's. Sorry if this is idiotic I am new to AK variants.
  7. I wonder if any one else has had one of these before but this started life as an LCT M16A3. It had so many issues as an AEG so I dropped a fusion engine in it. The externals are extremely solid. I just wish it included some type of trades.
  8. If I got a VFC Scar-l lower, could I turn my dboys scar-H into a L since it is a clone of the VFC?

    1. Shift


      No, the SCAR H upper receiver is longer than the SCAR L upper. Assuming that VFC did a good job cloning the gun, H uppers should not work with L lowers.

  9. That railed foregrip plus the top rail with the EoTech is pure win.
  10. Do I settle for the A&K Masada or bite the bullet and get the PTS ACR....

    1. gijohn2


      The PTS is worth the extra money

    2. TheFull9


      I mean it's going to vary from person to person, but you may well regret the A&K later when you can't change the barrel/handguard etc.

  11. Getting my first piece of good gear, a Pantac PC!! woot!

    1. Bando


      great choice love mine


    2. Leon Kennedy

      Leon Kennedy

      Pantac is the bomb. I loved my Phantom CIRAS, quality-wise.

  12. pulling my hair out trying to think of a recent pop song that sampled a popular 80s song. I think the lead singer is a girl. anyone have any ideas?

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    2. Leon Kennedy
    3. spence52490


      The 80's song is on the tip of my tongue but I can't think of it. I was up til 3am trying to find it last night.

    4. ollie_ty


      Type out the lyrics, we may be of service.

  13. WOOT I''m 21!! Hide ya kids hide ya wife!

    1. hwagan


      I have neither of those; Should i hide someone else's wife to be on the safe side?

    2. thartwig


      and hide your booze....

    3. FireKnife


      And possibly the men too :P

  14. There seems to be a new trend in selling where people list the retail value of parts they've included in the gun they're selling... Guess what? NO ONE CARES. I'm not paying you $90000 for your lightly upgraded CYMA

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    2. Vice


      Whats worse is when they include - "I had it serviced for £40" - so what? Serviced by whom? What was wrong with it to warrant a service? If it was broken you would have to knock £50 off most RIFs to shift them.

    3. Tariel


      Servicing and shipping charges should never be included. Anyway, if someone spends the money to upgrade something, even if it is not what you would want. It is still money spent regardless. You will pay less than what it would cost to get them all brand new, unless the seller is an idiot. A person would upgrade his gun either if it wasn't neccesary or if it didn't serve a purpose.

    4. Mike_West


      Fun fact: cosmetic parts on my ARMY MEU cost as much as the gun itself.

  15. Did that video about voting No on SB 798 touch anyone else's heart?

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    2. TheFull9


      It touched something, dunno about my heart...

    3. Seraphim989


      You guy sare such horndogs :P she was on there for a few seconds

    4. faramon


      That's all the time they needed.

  16. Gah... I got the Scar bug, I want a Light now lol

  17. I haven't slammed it but I have pressed it pretty hard, it just doesn't lock in. I don't even see where it could possibly lock in at. Another review on this gun stated that it doesn't lock in also.
  18. Thats really good news! I wonder if the outer barrels for the VFC can fit this.
  19. First I would like to thank Arnies Airsoft for giving me a place to talk about airsoft with like minded enthusiast. Now on to the overview. NOTE: I have not taken any pictures of the gearbox internals or the hop-up internals because I do not want to until something goes wrong with the gun. In the future I may do this. Here we have the gun it is entirety. This is the flash hider included with the gun. It has a very nice gun metal finish and is really solid. I probably can take a few bangs. The ambidextrous, selector Switch. Clicks well in to place although some times
  20. External overview of the Echo-1 SCAR-H, coming soon! HQ Pics and Videos.

  21. The ASC-H racked up an impressive 9 kills today. Fantastic stock gun.

  22. Taking the ASC-H for a test Drvie today!!

  23. Can the magpul PTS MOE fit on a AEG scar?

    1. aznriptide859


      Depends the SCAR. Most you can't because the GB is recessed in the receiver further than it is in the M4...or so I've heard.

    2. spence52490


      ah ######, thanks for the info azn.

    3. aznriptide859


      You could always try and fit it on lol.

  24. Picked this little number up today. Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics. The finish on this gun is GORGEOUS!!! WAY better than the G&G imho. Haven't fired it outside yet but the trigger response with a 11.1 is fantastic! Feels very solid so far. I am now in love with 7.62 weapons!
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