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  1. Mind if I repost one of your older 'challenge' loadouts?
  2. Nothing like using as much PALS as possible, eh? Looking even more fantastic. Can't think of anything to add...you going to be running a pistol drop leg with it?
  3. So I could just order these BHI straight off the bat. But where's the fun in that, right?

  4. Come on, shouldn't need to look down to find your secondary mags... I like your blaster.
  5. Quite a few auctions up right now, I wonder how long they'll last...
  6. That's a lovely set of webbing! I might have to 'take inspiration' from that! I've not had a proper woodland rig/setup in years.. You sure about the thigh mounted SERPA though? I run a drop-leg SERPA or Safariland 6004, and whilst it's good for DA, I personally wouldn't say it's good for woodland?
  7. Looks damn good Angel...shame I didn't see any Multicam Eagle gear at Beltring... ...bought an ACU RAV instead. Ahem.
  8. Crye Precision Multicam Baseball Cap Issue BDU Shirt -RAID Modded, IR Flag Issue BDU Trousers -Tan Belt Petzl Cordex Rappel Gloves, Tan OnPatrol MOLLE Belt, Multicam 1no. Flyye Industries 5.56 Magazine Pouch, Khaki 1no. Flyye Industries Double Pistol Pouch, Khaki 1no. Flyye Industries Medical Pouch, Ranger Green Blackhawk SERPA Drop-Leg Holster, Black Flyye Industries PACA Personal Armor Carrier, Ranger Green -Issue Soft Armour Inserts Flyye Industries FAPC, Khaki -Replica SAPI Plates Flyye Industries Double 5.56 Magazine Pouch, Khaki Flyye Industries MBITR Pouch, R
  9. The FAPC is Flyye, as are most of the pouches. I went with the RLCS style MBITR pouch as it was what I had lying around, and thought it looked alright with the Khaki gear! Cheers Roob! I'm sure most are jealous of your green side load out!
  10. Finishing off my USAF JTAC impression...almost there.
  11. My bad, I didn't read your first post properly. I have NO idea about the mike light. It came with them when I bought them! It isn't very bright though, so I can't see the point personally, but it looks cool!
  12. Thanks, I like most of your gear... The light is just a standard Petzl Tikka I think...naughty me for not using one with red filters!
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