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  1. No i think you guys got everything there

  2. rhino

    Beer swilling, P90 wielding, locked-out-of-vehicle, Sam-the-hobbit-lookalike kinda guy... (did i miss anything?)

  3. holy mother of god! i didnt know men were cabable of building such things.
  4. thats true with most guns though
  5. the second rail was a spare from an ICS flashlight mount that i have, i just drilled the metal reciver and self tapped the rail onto the side. its actually really strong.
  6. Bob

    Armalite Pictures

    OK here are my CA rifles, gonna get an M203 for the RIS soon
  7. Heres my baby, had her a while but just got my camera working. shes got fully upgraded internals and a metal front reciver.
  8. dont know what happened there, 3 posts, any mods fancy deleting?
  9. heres my baby shes got upgraded internals and a metal front reciver
  10. this is good it give more on the page, but like screamin weasel said its missin the pictures for the news. Bob
  11. Jesus Wept!!! Road Repairs, every year! down my lane there is no pavement (dangerous yes, i once got runover (slowly) by a drunk, but sumehow still maneged to get to the pub). so the council workers patch up all the potholes on the side of the road. but the w***ers lay the tarmac straight onto mud!!! oh thats just great, its not gonna cum up in 6 weeks is it! so they have to come back every year to re-do it! tossers!! Bob
  12. nice couple o real swiss army knifes, nice big Aitor (sp?) jungle king(with water tight handle/compass) "knifes, big *fruitcage* off knifes that look like they could skin a crocodile" -soap, Lock-Stock
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