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  1. i'm not very good with artistic picture taking, so you're going to have to bear with me here. here is my custom job. a TM based 4.3 strike. there are wayyy too many parts to list that went into this gun so i'm not even going to try (also because i can't remember since it's been so long). It's all business, no bling, no frills, just kills. what do you guys think?
  2. someone must have taken a really nasty dump if you're using a gas mask to enter.
  3. fal, thanks a lot for the heads up.
  4. choffman, nice choice of gun. TM FTW. if you're interested in a stock plastic slide that doesn't have orange on it, let me know. i still have my stock one incase your paint removal doesn't end up looking so nice. fal, i'd really like to hear about the AS slide. the only thing i'm not so stoked about is the bomar rear sight, and the engravings on the other side. i was hoping for a more tactical pistol instead of a racy one. Oh well, one can only hope. hopefully the slide is a near drop in fit and is of good quality. i look forward to your review. also guys, i've replaced my fl
  5. masakari, i'm thinking of buying the AS kimber slide to see the quality. if it's a better slide than my current NOVA kimber warrior slide (which sucks IMO compared to SD), i might just sell the NOVA slide to you. the only thing that ###### me off is that the AS kimber slide only takes bomar rear sights instead of the novak. i guess you can't have everything.
  6. nice reply chris, you beat me to it. anotherjesus, nice gun. how do you like the feel of the hogue grips? i've like the feel for the AR, the Baretta, and the glock slip ons, but i was always curious about the ones made fo the 1911.
  7. he's right about the glock 21 being pretty fat. if you've ever held one at a range or in a store, you'll instantly realize how fricken beefy the mofo is. it feels like you're holding a hicapa, not a glock. also, my 2 cents says go with the TM. if you don't mind having just another 17, then the TM is an excelent base and you can get away cheap. it also outperforms the KSC if you're an outdoor skirmisher anyday (except really hot days).
  8. sturgis, what gun is that based off of, TM? WA? something i don't know about? looks nice. who manufactured the grips for you and what are you talking about needing a 8mm pin? i don't get it.
  9. Krame, tell me all of your thoughts on the Wilson checkered front strap. i was really thinking of buying one maybe 2 weeks ago off of cheaper than dirt (among other things). also i saw one ebay a place that offers to checker 1911 frames. you send them your frame or slide and they can do a lot of cool stuff like make cuts for front sights, make cuts for rear sights (adjustable, novak, whatever) and they can also checker your frame. i guess the wilson checkered front strap is always an easier alternative. is it metal? is it rubber? how is the feel after? how is the color match? also
  10. mcc-dano, my NOVA kit Kimber Warrior fits my BHI Serpa if that helps any at all. Chris North, interesting job. did you whittle those grips yourself? also to the regulars here, i need your opinion. what hammer looks nice on a Kimber warrior other than the hammer that you're supposed to use? i'm thinking of changing the hammer, but i really don't know what to get. also, one more question. does anyone know if real steel slide stops will fit without much fitting?
  11. Cleaner, TM FTW. You can't be a TM performance wise in the field. That's all i have to say. Racing maniac, what kind of grips are those? they look nice. Krame, i see you cut the beavertail instead of cutting the frame. interesting choice. it works, and looks nice, so whatever i guess.
  12. skodajockey, that's nice. it's a pity that it's not a TM based gun. *wink*
  13. i understand what you mean brother. i'm not a huge fan on chairsofters either. i play with my guns and i skirm them hard. i might suggest going with the shooters design STI custom slide. i had one of those on my capa and they had cuts near where the gas ports would be on the v12 slide. less weight, true, but i don't think you gain that much in performance to be noticable. this is a pic of one of the first hicapas i've owned. This is an OLD pic. hey Maniac, but having a v12 slide with a straight outer barrel is never fun. haha. also, fal, i have another hicapa 4.3 wit
  14. fal, the SD V12 slide is on two of my guns so far (a TM 1911, and a TM hicapa w/ Freedom Art TLE/RL2 frame). i wasn't the one who fit them though, but i haven't heard any complaints from the people who did. also, why would you want to go with the 9ball outer when the whole purpose of having the v12 slide is to have the v12 ports on the outer barrel?
  15. i already have an ambi safety (check the earlier pics), i'm not sure which bumpers i should go with. it was up in the air between the wilson and the pachmayr ones. Cheaperthandirt.com has the pachmayrs in stock and they look pretty sweet so i'm not really sure.
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