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  1. You made me home sick for Colorado That ride is great in the fall when the Aspens have turned
  2. PVC and wood Mg42 Well it is finally done almost. Still have to put on thje sights and finish the stock I a, working on a write up on how I made it
  3. There were a lot of targets on the field with the odds being 20 to 1 against us. I got a lot of kills on Charlie during the night game saturday. I was in the back corner of the embassy on the third floor watchi9ng the gate from the railyard. Got about 40 of them trying to storm the gate before I ran out of bb's and got shot. Sunday was insane at one point down by the huey in front of the church we were in a 3 way firefight with both Charlie and Delta. My favortie was 2 Charlie guys rode up to the huey in the little white truck they jumped out and I charged them and got both ot them.
  4. As an "insurgent" it was a blast. I enjoyed being able to seriously mess with both Delta and Charlie. If you want a better idea of what it is like get the dvd and play it through a good surround sound system with the volume turned up to 11. I was refing at the begining of the Sunday scenario between the embassy and the hotel and some of the pyro was not only heard but I could feel it in my chest as well. I am still exhuasted I wish I had taken today as a vacation day as well.
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