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  1. Thanks for the kind words, i'd forgotten about writing that one. I remember being quite angry at the tim though!

  2. I just read this --> http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?showtopic=133872&view=findpost&p=1664013 <-- post, and frankly I was blown away. Hats off to you sir.

  3. Pics from our WWII fieldcraft and sniping training day, instruction by a former British Army sniper. Just a couple from the day. Once again, thanks to Pete for all the hard work he put in and to all our 'students' who gave 110%at a very arduous day with only a short (in the field) brew up at lunch!
  4. RE nettle and brambles you just get on with it. My knees were a bit bloody by the end of the day but didnt really hurt... diving prone was pt luck but to be fair its a very heavy and thick but of kit so unless you get caught on the esposed knee its tougher than trousers. Squatted on some sharp twigs once but meh.. we're re-enactors and the Gordons did it in the battle for France so it was good to see how tough those guys were fighting for weeks in kilts and BDs... Unlikely to do that loadout again mainly because there are very few early war games and after dunkirk kilts virtual
  5. Glad you appreciate em, thought it was a little different fighting in kilts and wool battledress in July... hardcore lads us...
  6. Actual skirmishing in kilts at an early war game this weekend. Even with heavy brambles and nettles we were fine, few scratches on the knees but no worse than you get *through* BD trousers some times. However the kilt, kilthose and puttees kept out all of nature... We did expose our selves a but when diving prone though....
  7. From last week or so's training day.... We portray a British glider infantry section (We have a polish trooper along too for the observant!) - all weapons are airsoft... even the mortar!
  8. And the good taste award of 2008 goes to Night_raven. *everyone* should hear Honour (esp the 2003 remix) Very *Warry*, in fact the whole 'praise the fallen' album would be awesome to have in the background at an urban site. I'm currently listening to my own bands fourtracks on repeat (and occasionally playing along0 so i can memorise the song structure so we can gig ASAP
  9. Hey man, loved the "Keeping it real" article in AI, how much do you reckon it will cost to break into the WW2 airsofting scene? And also who makes the airsoft Lee Enfield and where can you get it from? or was it custom built?

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