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  1. Great Communication, Quick Sales/Postage.... A Recommended Seller!

  2. Fantastic guide, i just wish i had something wooden!
  3. Its gorgeous, i think the power connection is the best!
  4. Got to love the M72 but m203 looks good on anything, cant decide between short or long version any ideas
  5. Cool photos, loved the airborne guy with battle cut on the face!
  6. Whats wrong with suicide charges id rather do it with a skorpion/!
  7. Il be totally honest im gonna copy you completley !
  8. Thats what i want, check out Basho's review on M93r and see what he did with his!
  9. I WANT I WANT, i wish VFC would bring out a EGLM for it
  10. I dont have any pets but one of the local cats seems to think it can eat my plinked bb's from the garden, id love to see they owners expression when they empty its litter tray
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