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  1. Redefining Airsoft!

    1. Bando


      square BBs?


    2. Tariel


      XD Not quite! Lol

  2. is Itching to play again.

  3. Great trader and very knowledgeable. Thanks mate!

  4. He is a great trader, traded my KSC MK23 for his GHK AKS74U and it all wen't smoothly. Would do business again. Highly recomended.

  5. hi there, im posting this here because my phone will not let me send you a pm (stupid phone). i read you tm mp5k sale thread and im interested in putting a 12v battery into mine. do you have a diagram of the battery configuration i would need? any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks.

  6. Tariel

    What's your backup?

    I never leave home without my KSC MK23. Godly gun....When it works.

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