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  1. casshern

    Pics of your Gear

    My 'drone operator' loudout. Video below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEXA5bPNtU0
  2. casshern

    Videos Thread !

    M4 Workshop and Training Center here in Hong Kong. A few rounds of CQB for your pleasure.
  3. casshern

    Videos Thread !

    Do you rush or sneak? Check out my video from Hong Kong and enjoy.
  4. casshern

    Videos Thread !

    Finally got chance to use my Phantom / Drone to shoot a game here in Hong Kong. Turned out really well! Enjoy!
  5. casshern

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    I took a video of the games yesterday too, using my DJI Phantom / drone. Check it out
  6. casshern

    Videos Thread !

    A great medic game at Skirmish Airsoft in Budby, Nottinghamshire. Not many kills, but lots of revives. All filmed with my third person camera rig. Enjoy!
  7. casshern

    Videos Thread !

    I'm back after a long break. Here's a CQB from Hong Kong. Enjoy!
  8. casshern

    Videos Thread !

    What's up guys. Got a new gun recently - the Marui 'Recoil Shock' EBB M4. Check it out in action here.
  9. casshern

    Videos Thread !

    Tac Black Cats always have cool stuff. That predator vest is shibby.
  10. casshern

    Videos Thread !

    Ugh, what an awful player. Don't bother giving him your views! Here's a video from me to (hopefully) cheer you up. Please take a look https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uas4Zv_mjmo
  11. casshern

    Videos Thread !

    Some really professional videos here! Excellent stuff! I'll certainly watch them all - I know how long it takes to edit good footage together, then make it look pretty with all the text and stuff. Keep it up guys. Here's my recent Halloween game video using my CHAINSAW GUN! Please check it out and enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Zvd3wVk2fI
  12. casshern

    Videos Thread !

    Great videos guys. You all deserve feeback. The Tactical Black Cats footage is always excellent. I've been subscribed a while, and I'm always impressed with the venues and games that you film. Very professional stuff. Bucko has some serious kit in his vid! Really interesting to see mate. Well done. That home made tracer is the cat's pajamas! I'll have to check out your channel, eatthis, to see if you show how it's made. It looks like hot lead. Lots of tactical play and screaming, and sitting around with biscuits from Forti at the weekender. Funny video and very entertaining! Your Anzio day looked like a blast too, except for the moving jeep of death. And is that a PX4 at the end? Warbear obviously has a much better camera than the rest of us, haha. Some absolutely beautiful stuff there. I sit out and film my buddies from time to time too. I'll have to slow it down, add a nice filter and put it together too. Looks incredible. That teamwork video is hilarious too. I would say dazdarren's review was useful, but I just got the MK23 myself! Great fun isn't it? I have a video of me using it below! It is big, like you say, so I used a different silencer and made my own CQC holster for it Some nice play in your video too Ham, although I like to trim out the parts where I'm just wandering around a bit. That forest looks beautiful - but it could just be the relaxing music you've included I like Hogarder's commentary: I've thought about doing that too - it seems to explain things really well, so I really might give it a try. Love your fast paced action Stuntman. Can I ask - is your Glock gold?? Would love to play in Portugal, but Hong Kong is hot enough! Phew, okay. Watched all your videos and clicked like and subscribe! (Actually given you two of each, because my Youtube has two bloody accounts..) Here's my most recent video. Not my best to be honest, but it's really fun using the MK23. It's damn quiet. If you like the 3rd person perspective (only briefly shown this time), please check out my other videos - it's a fun angle to watch. Enjoy, like, subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNjvomHhruc&feature=c4-overview&list=UU6UqBX3DuG8BESAwruKqR-Q
  13. casshern

    Videos Thread !

    That was an awesome run at the end Bjorn. Nice clear video too, with a mix of great action. Your game site looks bitchin' - would love to play there.
  14. casshern

    Videos Thread !

    What's up guys. Got a new video for you using my GoPro 3rd Person Rig. [VIDEO] [/VIDEO] I dual wield my KJ Works M9s, use my Classic Army M203, Marui M3 Shotgun and KSC MP7. There's also plenty of footage of my buddies and their assorted weaponry. Please check it out! All comments and feedback are welcome. I also have a Facebook page with in game photos, homemade holsters and other stuff. Please consider liking my page. Cheers guys! https://www.facebook.com/airsoftwargamefilms
  15. casshern

    Videos Thread !

    My GP3Black is good, but in low light it's still not perfect. But that could be because the main CQB site I play at is VERY dark...

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