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  1. Wait have I been confused with Darklite? Not sure who should feel more ashamed on that one :P.


    I have it attached to a set of typical 58 pattern belt loops which I cut from a magazine pouch (dusty old thing that cost about £2) then removed the webbing from and slipped onto the tab that runs through the back for securing to the webbing. The pouches then have 58 pattern hooks slipped in between the MOLLE loops and the belt to hold them in place. Can do pics in the gear thread or via PM if that is a bit unclear.


    Basically it is using a round about method to attach a bigger variety of pouches to 58 webbing as the parts needed just happen to mesh perfectly (or near enough).



    Ahem bit of a blonde moment there. Thanks for the info. 

  2. hi mate the stock was a bit loose on mine but I fitted a washer on the right hand side where the stock meets the body and the blood stopper on the rear of the stock and field dressing tapped on front of stock seem to have stopped it mate

    Thanks for that information, will try that on mine. 

  3. Not good enough. If they wanted a safety make a damn Type 54 next time, stupid KWA.




    Reports say it has the same capacity, around the 10 or 11 mark so it won't be much different :P




    True the capacity is reported to be similar. I can just about justify purchasing one on my need for a compact pistol.

  4. Personally I prefer the classic AK look. That being said some of the modernized AKs look fairly cool. Ultimately I'm just happy more people are using AKs as it means you can share magazines and retailers offer more AKs and their relevant accessories.

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