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  1. hsimoorb

    Videos Thread !

    The premise of the exersise was that the guy was trying to stab you. The actor was obviously giving the shooter time to unholster his weapon. But it's messed up anyways. If someone with a knife int heir hand wants to stab you when you're 5 feet away from you, you'll never get to a pistol in time to save yourself that way.
  2. hsimoorb

    Videos Thread !

    appslapp- Great movies, even if the quality wasn't too great. looked to be a great game. I like what I see in that movie, looks like the group is using semi auto quite a bit, moving well as a team. Sounds like a fun field.
  3. hsimoorb

    Videos Thread !

    I'm pretty sure the real .50 BMG are illegal, even here in the US. I know just a few years back the Barret rifles themselves got banned.

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