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  1. Got a new VFC MP5A2, semi version, only test fired it as it's still too cold. It came with one "copper clip" bolt guide, (maybe it was supposed to have two but mine only had one), replaced it with Azimuth. The bolt is now a one piece thing without extractor clip, so it looks cheaper. Mag sits very tight. Has white serial, 14G0XXX and "6mm BB". Tried Crusader's feed ramp, it seems to need some filing for the mag to fit so I replaced it with stock again. Now my questions, if I can't get any of the slim handguards specially made for VFC, would FEs fit or does rs fit well? Anyone w
  2. WA uses M4 threading, finding screws isn't that hard, but finding screws with nice heads is harder.
  3. That's ERDL, I would say brown dominant, but the colurs are a bit off. (Sorry can't help being a nitpicker) Nice pics everyone!
  4. I think it's easier to search for the stuff directly on Ebay, than browsing through numerous threads where most stuff doesn't interest me on a forum, specially since most auctions doesn't last more than a week or so, information would get outdated pretty fast.
  5. One of mine, work in progress, a bit unhappy with the stock, barrel, muzzle device and front sight, probably going to replace them. The pistol grip needs a bit different finish.
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