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  1. just an old collection that hasn't been posted yet most of the parts build from DBOYS, including gearbox, except for body (G&P Colt M4) and the front set is from TM M4 RIS (i hate this thing, it wooble too much, i'm planning to get G&P M4 RAS), and the PEQ is VFC (borrowed my friend)
  2. this gun is really nice, nice blow back mine just came few days ago, the finishing its better than the previous 1911 (too much plastic look alike) but i having trouble filling the gas mag, when i filling the gas to the mag, the gas spilling out from the valve (but the mag is normal , no leaks), is it normal ? or i just miss something ? unlike my KJW P226 mag, when i fill the mag there is no gas spill out from the valve.
  3. my old M4 with CASV handguard (US Navy EOD setup) w/ Magpul M93B stock (replica) w/ Surefire M900 (replica) as seen on EOD unit after being painted
  4. @FarEast how bout the mag that comes with the packages ? is it a regular M4 mag (old style mag) or the new one (like the TM T89, which doesn't have any rounds left when fired up)
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