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    The dawn of creation
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    TOP M249 Minimi Custom, AUG Military, M4A1, M733, M933, SR16/M203, M16A2, M16A2/M203, M4A1/M203, MP5RAS, MP5 "Navy", MP5A5, MP5SD6, MP5k x 2, G36c, FAMAS F1, G3SAS Custom, AK47 Metal, AK47s "Badboy" Custom, AK47 β-Spetsnaz, P90TR, P90RD, DE Hardkick, DE Hardkick Chrome, TacMaster, M92f, G18c Metal, G26c Metal, G19 Metal, G26 Advanced, Mac11 x 2, Mk23 SOCOM, Raging Bull 6.5", SPAS-12, L96 NATO Custom, 5.1 Hi-Capa x2

    Latest aquisitions.... TM M14 RAS, Star M14 SOPMOD, HFC M190 FMV, WE 1911 FMV
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    United Kingdom

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    are interesting
  1. cracker

    Airsoft Gear

  2. cracker


    where does the sling attach?
  3. cracker


    gives new meaning to the term "ive got the horn"
  4. cracker

    WRAF's On Det. Interesting.....

    u only just realised!!? did u work that out all by yourself or did you have a team of monkeys working round the clock on that one?
  5. cracker

    Small man or Big cup?

    "write da feem toon, sing da feem toon..." (see Little Britain if you dont get it)
  6. cracker

    Never be the first to fall asleep after a night out!

    What am best anal probe? ... Bic!
  7. cracker

    WRAF's On Det. Interesting.....

    the majestic humpback whale during mating season
  8. cracker

    Never be the first to fall asleep after a night out!

    "proctology am good!"
  9. cracker

    My Armalites

    hmm they're ok lol

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