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  1. for the spring release there is just a hole you're sposed to poke the long thin allen-key in there and push the top forward (towards the front of the gun) to release the spring
  2. a 9.6v 1700mah "M4" type nunchuk battery will fit in
  3. Here's my TM M14 OD with RAS fitted and my other M14 baby Decisions decisions...
  4. First pic of my TM M14 RAS: (proper pics to follow when i can be bothered) Liking it so far!
  5. keyser where did you get the front sling loop attachment from? and also where do you attach the rear of the strap? or is it the Troy 1-point sling?
  6. Ive just been experimenting with making an M14SD SOPMOD Sniper System... The results were, erm, interesting lol
  7. I've got a few guitars, heres some pics of my favourite ones: 1972 Gibson Les Paul Std 1981 Gibson Victory MVII 1980 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top 1975 SG EDS1275 Couple of my amps
  8. well i got my SOPMOD and experimented with battery packs that will fit, and it turns out you CAN use a G36 "double-stick" type battery and also an M4 "nunchuk" battery will fit if you're careful (9.6v 1700mah nunchuk went in ok) so at least there are a few options for those who dont wanna use a PEQ
  9. cracker


    where does the sling attach?
  10. Lots of nice M14's in here! Just to be a little bit different i got an M14 SOPMOD (as i like the modern tactical look of it and the RAS). I'm also probably gonna get an original TM or G&G one as well for the more retro look and with silencer on (i think i need a slightly longer silencer on it really, but thats all i have at the mo)
  11. cracker


    gives new meaning to the term "ive got the horn"
  12. Im hopefully getting one of these soon, but im thinking about the battery issue First off, i DONT want to use a PEQ box, cos i hate them lol So what custom batts have people tried? I know star make one but what other shapes/sizes will fit? (for example an M4 "saddle" pack?? or a G36K twin-stick pack??) If anyone can shove a ruler up the inside of their sopmod's batt compartment and give me the length/width/height of it i would be most grateful in the form of a +1 Cheers
  13. Lots of comments in this thread but not a whole lot of pics! lol So heres a few shots of my G&P ACOG on a few of my guns...
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