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  1. Got mine today. Initial thoughts are really positive. Need to get hold of a chrono to test fps and rof but range and accuracy are marginally better than the tm m14 I bought long ago. Only disappointing thing so far is the gap between the front end and the receiver.
  2. Great info thanks. I'm picking my 416 and lipo etc up tomorrow and I have a 7.4v 1300 25c for it so without removing the fuse or other contacts I should expect about 14rps I would have thought. 309 fps is great. Is that stock tm? Hope mine is like that as I've to a tightbore ready for it which should bring it near to 320 which is great for now.
  3. Do you have a chrono that measures the rof mate?
  4. Fire support are out of stock now but airsoft world have some left at £535. Importing from hk would be around the same after tax and shipping etc. Richard, what internal mods would you suggest to get these firing to around 340. I've got a promy tightbore and was thinking, nozzle, pistonhead and one of your m90 springs.
  5. Of course not mate. Not saying you should.
  6. Ah yes I see but they're 35 quid. I was hoping the above member knew somewhere that had then for 25 quid. For 35 is rather buy the other one tbh. Thanks though.
  7. Know anywhere that has the baton in stock?
  8. That's great cheers. Got a link for the lipo converters please dude? I was hoping the 416s would be around the £450 mark in the uk but looks like ill have to order from abroad.
  9. Pardon the nub question but would the stock gearbox hold up to a 9.6 or will it just strip gears/pistons like there's no tomorrow?
  10. Anyone know when their second batch is due?
  11. Prowin mags are notorious for need stronger hammer springs to activate their valves properly.
  12. I'm pretty gutted tm didn't go for 1:1 sizing tbh as I would have sold my kwa in a heartbeat for one. I always wondered why the accessories on mine always looked slightly too big.
  13. Ah right that's cool. I have a kwa and I thought the ksc was prone to this but apparently not. Thanks for the info.
  14. How common was the reported problem of cracking ksc receivers with propane/green?
  15. The steel bdu pants and shirt were by far and away the best bdus/uniform I've owned. You like the shirt much?
  16. On that first setup Highspeed, how do you use the M3? I assume whilst not holding the VFG?
  17. Nice setup mate. Not being funny here but can you reach the pressure switch on the light? I can see it working if you hold the rifle by the mag well but I can't see how it would work whilst holding the foregrip.
  18. I think the same capacity as Tm standards ie 68 would be good. Is there enough gas per mag for 100 shots? I understand that they would probably redesign the gas chamber but enough gas for 100 rounds from a GBB rifle would need a huge chamber would it not?
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