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  1. tek spec have you got any more pics of your MRE set up cos its looking pretty nice? also have u got the entire king arms mre front set with the new outer barrel or did you get it to fit over your original CA outer barrel? edit: i'm assuming its the KA outer barrel as you have the flip sight? cheers chris
  2. nice work mate. on a side note the guy on the left of the photo has a bit of a questionable stance shall we say. or is it just me cheers chris
  3. how much did the sr25 cost ya in total mate. im guessing a few bob and no mistake nice work cheers chris
  4. my star s-lap (OTAL) pardon the stupid positioning but i dont have photos of it atm with it much nearer the front sight. did anyone else i.e. shao or titleist find that the lever mount is very loose. ive wedged a thick piece of string in the and it is no longer wobbly. i like the thing but was disappointed by the poor quality mount. maybe i was just unlucky and got a dodgy one. cheers chris
  5. already posted it in hk pics but here ya go USP fans
  6. got this beauty today along with the iti m2 light. the safariland 6004 is on backorder and i canneee bloody wait to take it to elektro. also bought the ksc metal slide from airsoft warehouse which is the biggest puddle of wank i have ever seen. i happen to quite like the white trades but im not a big fan of the residue putty ###### that has ruined the trades. it must have gone through some japanese customs or something. it's also let down by a really shiny finish shame really, altho the abs slide looks so much nicer than i thought it would. see what you think?
  7. my cqbr with new additions of s-lap and mag hk midcaps
  8. it was only a tiny bit of steel to come off to maintain the quick detach function mate. i tried it without any custom work and it took me about 45 mins to get it on, countless skinned knuckles later it was on but wedged in so hard and putting a lot of stress on the 2 barrel mounts. i decided to sacrifice a tiny tiny bit of steel so it slides on smoothly and locks in place, i have a really naff back problem so when it gets too heavy near the end of the day i can just press the button and slide it off. presto chango, no more backache.
  9. i was gonna say p.s. it's a beard, but i didn't think it was necessary. i could be wrong
  10. just realised i had this awesome piece of gear that not many people have which is perfect for pmc or megaforce loadouts (it took a friend to point it out to me to realise) gene i thought you might like this especially, would suit your blackwater loadout perfectly. sorry tho, it's not for sale pic of me, and pic of my target chris
  11. "And people said you couldn't put a GP-30 on an ICS AK" people said you couldnt put a gp30 on a ca slr 105 but my dremel said otherwise
  12. hot damn son, that's a fine collection. is the gp-30 mounted on a ca slr i take it. i have a slr105 myself with a star gp-30. was just interested in how you mounted yours. i had to whip out the trusty dremel and lop off about 2mm of steel from one of the sticky outty nobs (clearly dont know what its called) that holds the fake barrel cleaning rod thing. god im good with technical names cheers chris
  13. nice work gene, that loadout looks perfect. don't spose you have any other decent pics of some blackwater guys cos i can't find any good ones. cheers chris
  14. am loving the pbs (4 i think it is). i want one for my slr, is it the vfc one? got any pics of your russian loadout, would love to see it. cheers chris
  15. nice m4 maverick, i take it thats a ris launcher? i like what you've done with it if you want my constructive criticism/opinion i would get a high mount for the aimpoint and put the peq on the top rail cos i personally hate peq's on the side thats just me tho what do you think? cheers chris
  16. yeah spook me 2 was a bit put of by lack of trades tho hey sunday how do u order a gun with upgrades from wgc and what was the customer service and delivery like? cheers chris
  17. thats what it looks like most of the time
  18. it comes on and off, depends where i use it i didnt buy it purely for cqb, when i sometimes use it in woodland (cos it has the range) i can put the silencer on without worry cos theres plenty of room for it and it looks awesome. basically if there's room to put it on i will because it looks 1337 so in a simple answer to your question........ no it doesn't
  19. my simple cqb see what you think
  20. if ur gonna get a gp-30 wait and get the star one cos the classic army one is a bad case of you get what you pay for and the CA doesnt have the russian trades and im not sure how much of it is plastic/abs it just looks a bit naff to me go for the star one ftw
  21. come on phish fans aint you bought a gp-30 yet mate. go for it and never look back (apart from at the end of every skirmish when your arms fall of) just do it chris
  22. just got the gp-30 for my slr today and after a small amount of custom dremel work it fits like a charm and retains its qd feature so stoked but understand if other people don't like the look of it cos custom ak's are very much like marmite
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