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  1. Glad to hear it. I've yet to fit my springs but I'm looking forward to giving them a try.
  2. The smashed bbs are probably caused by bolt bounce. When the bolt returns home, as standard it tends to bounce back a little before finally seating fully forward. When it bounces back, some people experience jams due to the loaded BB rollin back out of the hop chamber.
  3. That broke for me too but I've left it as the front two bolts hold it well enough.
  4. I'll have to check this out thanks!
  5. Yes absolutely sure. Stefan on the fb group found the same issue. Actually in fairness 100 was the max fps loss iirc.
  6. Stay clear of the maple leaf rubbers mate. They're great generally of course but due to the fact that they are about 1mm shorter than the vfc it gives a *suitcase* air seal. I lost 100fps and had a variation of +/- 50fps. Apparently a plus work well but my 2nd gen vfc rubber works well for me now after swapping to it so I have no need to change.
  7. Yeah I get a bit of receiver wobble which is kinda annoying tbh
  8. I had loctited the body pins in the hold all the pins in but forgot the one on the charging handle so that and the release catch went walkabout today.
  9. Yeah I have one of those fitted myself.
  10. What hop rubber are you using mate?
  11. I wonder if this is in fact the same issue with the vfc mp7 as I've been having no end of problems with that recently.
  12. So I got mine today. Exact replica of an easy german akm with some fancy name that I don't know. The one mag leaks from the cylinders which is an easy fix but the release valve is also leaking. Any advice to solve that? I think it's the smallest oring right at the base nearest the e clip. Anyone have any gg or co2 mags they wanna sell?
  13. Many one solved the misfeeding issue? Mine is firing/cycling beautifully now but misfeeds terribly no matter what hop rubber I put in it? Nozzle is in great condition and alligned nicely. Tried god knows how many different weights and brands of ammo but still the same issue. 2 of my friends having the exact same issue too.
  14. It's the most fun I've had with any airsoft rifle put it that way. It's the highflow valves that really bring it to that level. Most places are out of stock I think but you get similar results if you Dremel them our yourself. The problem, as has been pointed out to me by a friend, is when the valve stem is depressed; the thicker part of the stem protrudes too far into the port and blocks 75% of the area of the holes if that makes sense.
  15. My gas efficiency is really really decent. Can't really compare it to before but I'm really happy with it. Has anyone noticed that the nozzle spring leaves the nozzle sticking out of the bcg by 10mm or so and when the bolt returns to battery, that nozzle/spring combo acts as a damper between the bolt and the hop chamber? Recoil is so strong now I've had to loctite all body pins in as the full auto sear pin literally shook itself out of the lower.
  16. My A plus ramjet valves are now fitted and took the fps up from 390 to 500 with 0.2g ammo. Thankfully the new vfc nozzles have their own npas system so I've adjusted it down to 330. The valves themselves need a bit of fiddling to get the port lined up/point upwards. The recoil with the ramjet valves is literally double what I was getting with the standard release valves. One issue that arose with the increased recoil was the bolt catch would shake so much it would activate every other shot or so. A stiffer spring in the bolt catch soon remedied that problem. How is everyone el
  17. The hop rubber is *suitcase*. Causes all kinds of misfeeds mate. Mine was fine for a few months then suddenly decided crapped out. Misfeeds every other shot on semi.
  18. Which part of the feed lips did you need to file btw mate?
  19. Wow the performance in that video is great!
  20. Anyone heard anything about tm doing a hk45ct?
  21. Agreed. Despite mine needing a little tinkering, I know most other people haven't had any issues at all.
  22. I can't do it myself. I gave it to my mate to fix and sent the valves to him after that. Waiting for him to find the time to do it.
  23. Great news. Still waiting for mine to be fitted. Any idea on the fps rise from the new valves mate?
  24. Good news! I'm looking forward to trying my ramjet valves. When you say a pain to get working what do you mean?
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