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  1. i guess this technically belongs here as well
  2. is the compensator at the front of the barrel removable?
  3. i can finally post in this thread picked up for a steal at 130 shipped. WA wild heart
  4. oh em gee. price?! tell me you have time to make more
  5. KS guns, wow. nice collection! i remember lusting for one of those years ago
  6. more info and pics of the sopmod please?
  7. looks like he just ripped em off UHC/HFC USPs O_O
  8. is it just me or are CA pistons starting to suck horribly...m249...now the SLR...
  9. nah, the vert grip launcher is shaped like a m900 my guess is the MM PAQ dual launcher or he posted in the wrong thread
  10. excellent review arnie, especially on the sound test =) i noticed u said marushin instead of maruzen throughout the review though
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