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  1. Oooh, that's hot. I love the ACOG.
  2. I have to say I really like the way it looks... Here's mine. Since the picture doesn't show it very well -- CYMA full length with a China RIS and Aimpoint replica.
  3. Just finished up a model for a KJW M700 to DSR-1 conversion in Solidworks. I cut a few corners here and there (most notably the grip) but it still looks more or less how it should =p
  4. I figured I'd try a ghetto-studio setup with a white background. Pretty pleased with the results! Galaxy G7:
  5. It doesn't come with an extra piece if that's what you mean, but the flash hider is removable. It has a counter-clockwise thread. I'm not sure about the diameter though.
  6. Man, that looks absolutely fantastic! Excellent work.
  7. This is true. My apologies to Mighty Jebus. I had no intention of routing viewers away from his review -- I simply though it might add some helpful information in a consolidated location. Though, looking back and my post, I can understand why it might appear like I was posting a 'Hey, look at mine!' sort of thing. I wish I could edit it now..
  8. Sorry for the double post, but I just finished my review of the G7. Check it out here: http://modernairsoftwarrior.wordpress.com/...alaxy-g7-mp7a1/ Let me know what you think!
  9. The battery is has the same capacity as the TM, right? 500mAh, correct?
  10. Bldr.dh

    KJW M700

    Not exactly anything new, but it always helps to have another review floating around online. Check it out: http://modernairsoftwarrior.wordpress.com/...jw-m700-police/
  11. This just showed up at my doorstep. Quite pleased!
  12. Beh... scratch that. If I could delete this, I would..
  13. Ahh what I would give for one of those. Word on the street is there's a company making one, but it won't taste very good on a college budget.
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