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  1. hehehehe waiting to see if anyone comes out with a Flashpoint themed "SRU" uniform/loadout
  2. Not the greatest photo in the world, but shows my attempted at paintwork. what do you folks reckon?
  3. I wasn't necessarily thinking of one thread per user, only those who use classifieds regularly or have the required number of post counts, or maybe it could be a "paid for" privilege? I could pm you the link to the other forum so you can see their set up to give an indication as to how they had it running? (not saying copy them directly just have it as a reference point) let me know if you want the link and I'll whack it through.
  4. Hi Mods/Admin et al Just an idea How about an area where people can have a thread for their own feedback. ie "Ratboys feedback page" so whoever buys/sells/deals with named person could post in that thread their feedback. I know there is a similar thing running but that seems limited to sellers. Another forum I am a member of used this system before they installed an online feedback/dealer dohicky. just an idea as i would personally like to let sellers know im no scam artist and similarly to those who may buy from me.
  5. Sorry, it was an open question for anyone, liking the multicam/digicam paintwork and not sure how its achieved. the rifles i've painted i think look ok but its not a "uniform" cammo more of a practical effect.
  6. How do people achieve the "digi" cam style affects or even different cam styles? Maybe someone could do a "how to" guide on the varous different styles? Also has anyone here propped/laid their weapon down and legitimately "lost" it due to their awesome paintwork??
  7. that intimidator is amazing! scary how many parts left over though!! (if it were a normal weapon!) must take som ememory work to recall all the parts and their place within the puzzle
  8. nice! where did you find the Ospreys?
  9. Wish we went through with it, but a matey of mine had plans to build an LSV style vehicle using a 4 seat ATV/motorised buggy thingy youo can find cheap in the UK, would have been awesome!
  10. My nice new C60 Will be taking a couple more "artsy" photoes later on.
  11. Loving the masks folks, anyone thought of getting a handful for a team and painting them blue, a la blue man group stylee? Eerie how some of you guys look like mannequins in the masks!
  12. Many Thanks boss!! Another question is, how much machining is required? if any as i dont have access (or know how) on lathes, milling etc etc.
  13. Anyone got any hints/tips on how to do a project 2011? donor pistols parts etc?
  14. Thanks MODDAN, sorry i havnt replied, lost this thread lol!!
  15. rue, does look like seas dive gear oddly enough. GI jane anyone?
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