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    I think it's finally time we ended this game.

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  1. What a terribly witty comeback ^.~

  2. That's pretty damn awesome Listening to that now, but before that I had on So Cold - Breaking Benjamin
  3. Dear God that's sexy. Nice boomstick rhino, very nice indeed.
  4. No one been listening to owt the past few days? Rush - Kevin Tandarsen. Not the kinda thing I'm usually into, but the vocals are nice, n when the bass kicks in.. now <3 Can't decide if I prefer this version or the re-con remix. Eh, tis a classic either way.
  5. Been trying to lose the pistol grip for some time now. Not quite given up, but getting there -___- Love the look, but have had three break on me. This is how it looks currently. Heatshield, mag tube, barrel and choke will be getting blued, as will the bolt. Not sure on wood furniture, but I'm considering it. Would probably end up stained though. Receiver is pretty much the only bit that'll need painting.
  6. You'll find your link also goes to PBS kids. Ah, I'd forgotten about that. Gotta love ASCUK <3 Right, so I need to paint my M3. All the metal bits are getting blued, but obv I can't do that to plastic. Any suggestions on what colour/make would look right?
  7. I have it on again ^.~ Blame guitar hero.

    its time to start anew

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