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  1. Boker fiskmuk. Tis purty, and stupidly sharp <3
  2. Clones, lol. Seriously, Mtech are meh at best, and do just copy other designs. Moriquende, I still hate you. Stop making me want new blades ;___; Newest addition. Not something I'd usually go for, but it was marked down a lot, n I'm growing to like it. Suprisingly well made imo.
  3. Epic. Most labs I've known refused to settle down for years Mine's older, still utterly nuts. Max on the right, Ozzi (mate's lab) on the left. Max is six, iirc, and I think Ozzi is about a year old Max does that as well >=3 Gawjus dogs mate
  4. What a terribly witty comeback ^.~

  5. There's ambi controls to trigger on the side, iirc
  6. Danke Could I possibly steal the original of that as well?
  7. Aw hell, list just got longer ;__; tis bout £800 now. DMAN YOO!
  8. Aye, you wouldnae believe how many times my mates have cut themselves when looking at my latest acquisitions. Best was a few years ago, and my sister's then b/f ran his thumb straight down a blade to test the edge. *fruitcage* tard. Once again, making me want things. Damn you Moriquende I have a depressingly long shopping list atm, and none of them are cheap blades
  9. Could I mayhaps have the original of that please? :3
  10. Shouldn't that be 1.00 cal?
  11. Dear God that's sexy. Nice boomstick rhino, very nice indeed.
  12. Been trying to lose the pistol grip for some time now. Not quite given up, but getting there -___- Love the look, but have had three break on me. This is how it looks currently. Heatshield, mag tube, barrel and choke will be getting blued, as will the bolt. Not sure on wood furniture, but I'm considering it. Would probably end up stained though. Receiver is pretty much the only bit that'll need painting.
  13. You'll find your link also goes to PBS kids. Ah, I'd forgotten about that. Gotta love ASCUK <3 Right, so I need to paint my M3. All the metal bits are getting blued, but obv I can't do that to plastic. Any suggestions on what colour/make would look right?
  14. I see you, sir, being awake *stares*

  15. Love? Love is for fools. You though... one of the few reasons I've not given up on this board yet. Also, lol, drunk at 6am

  16. Posts in off topic sections don't add to your post count. Argh! SNIPAH
  17. You mean like the review comments subforum we already have that no one uses? Also, lol, review database
  18. Luff your builds :3 Imma steal you!

  19. Rail under the frame, and one of these. Srsly.
  20. I think I'm in love with your desktop <3

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