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  1. 'Cause you saw those magazines with trick halfpipes and doing wheelies on the rear axle extension things down rails and you wanted to do that too.
  2. *necropost* How have we been holding up? There was a seller with a cheap FM TM P226 that was so tempting months ago. Now that I have a KWA M93R2 as a in-the-box queen there's not much else on pistols I'd go other than a single stack 1911a1 (the KJW one I had ate itself, and WA is too expensive, TM is not friendly towards green) or a P226. Gotta hold more SIGs... At this point, is the original build quality of the TM versus the finish of the KSC consensus still holding up? Is dishing out 400+$ (about £230 or so) for a full metal TM upgrade worth it or should we be looking towards KSC?
  3. Sounds like we've covered just about all the "rides" going around these days :-/
  4. Tell me, why do people complain about a Federal law which requires at least 1/4" or 6.5mm of orange paint for all replica firearms? (well, excepting obvious paintball guns) it's not that blatantly obvious...though it does get over the top recently...for example the entire outer barrel (plastic) on my KJW 1911a1 is orange. It's t3h g@yness, don't need THAT much, but...better than spending time in a lockup...
  5. Selling the GBB eh? ...Don't do it . . . Thanks for the review. A MAC11 was about right for me, no thanks on the M10 then!
  6. I find my e30s and a M50 swap (189bhp 24v in line 6) more than good enough for me. Sides, tickits n' ###### are not things I like dealing with. And, I'm not skilled enough to use any more power than that...
  7. ... Shoulda used thumbnails next time... What's the wing for? Takeoff?
  8. I hope you didn't have to put the same exact dampers back on... I mean, they'd be cool but...
  9. Must've been a ripoff. Shouldn't cost you £700 to do the whole suspension. What was it, replacing trailing arms + rear subframe or what? dayum...
  10. That would make it just a regular old Eta with fewer options standard — probably no 13 button OBC, no central locking (it was standardized a bit later though), may or may not have check control, probably no sun roof (yay — they leak, rattle and rust)... Edit: ya'll don't have to hide your gigglin' at the E34s posted up cuz I know you are
  11. The E34? Top of the list for a four door sedan. Next would a E28 M5. But the BiTurbo is so ENTICING... *oohhhhhohhohoh yeah* I dig those wheels on the Alpina (even though they'd be a swine to clean) but the M5 ones are flippin' TIGHT If it's a 1988 production with the later style lights (see the [before] picture of my 325is for an example) it's a so-called "super eta" with 6 more bhp but the same torque as the regular M20B27. Raised rev limiter to 5300. Regular old 325 model cars were USA only and just 325e cars but with less options...
  12. No but I would not mind smashing and shooting up his vehicle in revenge. You'll know when you loose a good car. Do you guys get lots of people giving you plenty of room? Nobody tailgating, speeding, "dangerous manuver"ing? Yes, and that is not a BMW production. Alpina is an aftermarket ...producer/converter/upgrader, they are not part of BMW but do lots of stuff with them. I would like a Alpina B6 3.5 258hp and lots of goodness. Alpina B10 BiTurbo E34s are SICK
  13. You know that 850CSi can be chipped to remove the top speed limiter (250kph/155mph is limited) so it essentially tops out (with a looong straight) to just over 300kph / 185mph right? EDIT: and yes we yankies have that Golf over here =)
  14. Some ********* spun out and flipped their POS on to the trunklid. Pushed the car a good 5m or so from where it was parked. I lost about 2000$ never to be seen again. Another pic: My car was parked parallel to the curb and smug up against the bushes. Note how far it got pushed (he said he was traveling about 55kph/35mph) Another [before] pic: ///M3 E30s are nice, here's one: ///M3 E36s are nice with great engines, I'm not a fan of the rest of the car. The fourth photo is my current car, a '89 325i five speed. The 2nd car was a 5spd 1988 325is.
  15. Hmmm...lol @ Turver and STARGATESG1NUT w/ the cop car tell us more about it :> First car: Second car, before and after (respectively): Third and present car:
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