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  1. There's no rail on the plain hand guard. Don't be afraid bro, just open that sucker up again and practice arranging the wires until it's routine. I know it's kinda harrowing at first, but it's really no problem once you get the hang of it. Maybe it's worse with the folding stock version? I imagine so, have fun with that. I only have the fixed stock versions. Go to UNCompany and get your midcaps. As for the 1000 round long hicaps - they look awesome, but they're really not that great. They certainly can't empty their load on a single winding (because they use the same mechanism
  2. Ariamark's pulling a fast one, I think.
  3. Oh yeah, I remember having trouble with the wires too when I got my first CA 58. I found that it's overall easier if you leave out the wire arranger clip that normally screws through the rear of the mechbox, and just arrange the wires manually when reassembling the gun. It may seem like there's absolutely no room for wires, but it's really no problem once you get the hang of it. Of course, I do use MOSFETS in mine, with only 20 AWG signal wires going to the trigger, so that definitely makes reassembly easier. That said, there are AEG models that have way, way less room for wires. Broke
  4. Remove the two large coin screws, one on each side of the receiver. With those off, the upper receiver can be pulled right off. Remove the pistol grip screw. This allows the grip and trigger guard to come off, and then the mechbox can be pulled right out of the lower receiver.
  5. I wonder if Marui XDM mags are compatible? That'd be pretty sweet. It'll be a while before I can do some skirmish testing myself, maybe in a couple of weeks.
  6. Yes, I always clean the barrel out of the box. I did get the HK3P Glock to reach 20m, it was indeed a question of bending the adjuster arm down to provide more hop. I'll shoot some groupings and get them scanned when I get the chance (read: when I can be bothered) but it's about the same as the WE XDM, maybe a little less accurate.
  7. Update: accuracy @ 20m range: Umarex HK45: Notes: I turned the hop to max and had to fiddle around a bit with point of aim to get a nice grouping on the target. The results: That new hop-up design? Approved. I was worried it wouldn't be able to lift the relatively heavy BBs, nevermind yielding satisfactory accuracy. But damn, my worries are put to shame, this thing is a fantastic shooter at this range. From the high points of impact, it seems the hop-up could even be turned down a bit. But with the hop set to max, I could see the BBs going laser-straight to the target 20 me
  8. Update: accuracy @ 20m range: WE XDM: Notes: the hop-up seemed to be very effective, so I had to turn it down to ~30% and aim quite low. The sights might also be off in elevation. The results: Not mind-blowing accuracy, but definitely usable. The strong hop-up is also promising for longer range use, I would think? The trigger is also really great for target shooting, a very light trigger with a quick break. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the way this gun is performing. KJ KP-08: Notes: here I encountered some serious gas spitting with the KJ gas mag, like hwagan
  9. hwagan: hmm. Ohh I see how it is. You're getting a chuckle out of my flowery tablecloth, are you? Well let me tell you something mate. I like flowers. Is that really so amusing?? Well I'm glad my limp-wristed taste in home decor can spread some bloody joy!!! But thanks. The KP-08 does spray a little gas I guess, but not that much. Next time, don't get lemon flavour, they're really not that great. Mine is more like chicken. It's great. Wild_Wii: cool story bro. But really, thanks for the tips, and keep us posted with more info plz. I guess I'll go through the blowback mech
  10. So I dropped in an A+ bucking I had lying around, took some chrono readings with the KJ gas mag. Conditions as in the review, except ambient temp ~22ÂșC. 313 317 308 310 307 309 309 309 307 307 Okay. I also noticed I had a few BBs left in the Marui mag from the review, decided to run them through the chrono: 312 312 310 311 Hmm. Well what can I say, it improved consistency. And power output on the Marui mag? I don't understand. Then some 10m accuracy tests with the A+ bucking and the KJ gas mag, hop turned up to max: Conclusion: I suck at shooting. That
  11. Lone_Bullet: interesting, I always wanted to try one of them Tony Cosby twisty barrels. Now I might. Thanks for the grats. Wingman: Thanks. Oh yeah, I'd definitely say you get so much more gun with the KP-08 compared to the WE XDM. Mine was $98 from UNCo for the dual power version, that's just stupendous value. I just tried on a Streamlight M3X on the KP-08. It'll go on there, but it is extremely tight. Seems like a matter of sanding down the stippled finish on the rail a bit. As for the front sight, I just now noticed this: Grub screw in the front sight, so you can lo
  12. Review: KJ KP-08 and WE XDM Externals, KJ KP-08: Quality and finish looks and feels very KJ. Meaning, shiny black paint and lack of sharply defined details. All corners and edges are sort of rounded. I must say the casting quality seems to have improved over the years. No casting flaws or pits in the surface, everything looks very smooth. I got the less expensive version with no markings on the slide, because I'm cheap like that. Racking the slide feels and sounds bloody amazing. Crisp and smooth metallic action. Again, very KJ-ish, reminds me a lot of the KJ P14.45 I
  13. A correction: on the targets, I wrote "G&G 28g Bio". This should of course be "G&G 0.28g Bio"!
  14. Cheers. What, parts breaking on a KSC/KWA GBB? No way! But no, so far the outer barrel is intact.
  15. Review: Umarex HK45 & HK3P G17 Externals, Umarex HK45: The quality of the frame looks and feels very good. The grip looks a bit silly, but it is extremely ergonomic. The stippled panels offer good grip, but could have been even rougher if you ask me. It also makes you wish the entire frame had that stippled texture, but hey, that can easily be done if you feel like vandalizing your shiny new gun. The metal slide is rather more lacklustre. While it fits very well on the frame with very little play, the finish is just your ol' shiny black paint. The laser etched marking
  16. I think the trigger safety could be relatively easily disabled, judging from the exploded diagram. It looks like a matter of disabling the pivot movement between trigger and trigger bow?
  17. Hmm, that does sound more logical. Except perhaps with a completely empty mag, which is thereby full of atmospheric air - which would be trapped in the gas tank with a sealing valve. The leaky valve would allow the air to escape when filling with gas? I dunno. I just seem to remember, years ago, someone testing mags with both sealing and non-sealing valves, and getting more shots out of the non-sealing. Maybe you could do a comparison, if you can find a tiny O-ring (perhaps scavenge from a cheap, refillable gas lighter) and stick it on the TM mag's fill valve, and see if you get fewe
  18. greenbull: the advantage of a non-sealing fill valve is that you get more liquid gas into the magazine by blowing out excess gaseous gas. In a magazine with a sealing valve, some of the capacity will be taken up by vapor instead of liquid, because the liquid can't push the vapor back out through the fill valve when you're gassing up the magazine.
  19. For those wondering about the type of hop-up on the KWA TT-33, have a look at the manual: http://kwausa.com/files/4613/3701/7768/MMD18_TT33.pdf Go to the exploded diagram and find part 91. It's a tiny ball bearing, I'm afraid.
  20. That's what I call a nice gunzer. A little raped, but sometimes a little rape is a good thing. (edit) .... on a gun.
  21. Utty


    That's a bit of a slick setup.
  22. thartwig: personally I don't trust any AEG to not tear itself apart out of the box. There will almost always be something you can improve, be it shimming, lube, AOE or compression, all factors that may improve the general durability of the internals without actually replacing any parts except maybe some shims and a better piston head O-ring. Rusty65: no idea.
  23. Yeah, the stock gears are rougher looking than something like XYT parts. Did you shoot it completely stock, or had it been reshimmed, relubed and such? Another thing: the piston/sector gear angle of engagement is pretty damn good out of the box. I'd say it's adequate in stock form, but I did add a single 1.6mm spacer behind the piston head to get a truly flat angle. Compared to the Umarex G36CV I bought at the same time as this, it needed 4.8mm of spacer.
  24. My own conclusion: this gun is only for those that absolutely need something different that looks good. If ergonomics, reliability, parts compatibility and internal battery space are at all important to you, by all means look elsewhere. Mine has found a warm, cozy home up on the wall.
  25. No, it's the scope rail that's CNC'd, aluminium at best, and almost certainly a die-cast then CNC finished process. Then why don't you? Several other local players had the CA 58 back when I started playing, all of them had problems with theirs. One caught fire. My first one also had a bad habit of stripping the piston when running on 11.1V lipo. Switched to 7.4V, installed a Marui piston, never had a problem since. Definitely the gun I've had most kills with, along with my spectacular JLS RX4. The key to successful Classic Army airsofting is to rip out the internals and cast
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