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  1. ezgil

    1911 Picture Thread

    so ive been eyeballing this bad boy for a while now... http://www.midwayusa.com/viewProduct/?prod...=534582#enlarge a real steel ed brown ms housing. but it being real steel im sure theres a nightmare that comes with the package. anyone got a definite answer on how well western arms 1911s and RS ms housings get along?
  2. ezgil

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    wow that m700 looks nifty! how did you get those dark circles/lines going? airbrush?
  3. ezgil

    1911 Picture Thread

    yea the VZ grips are a bit overrated IMO. i got those same double diamond tiger stripes; grippy as hell but i feel theyre more suited either to classic 1911s or workhorse 1911s.
  4. ezgil

    1911 Picture Thread

    ah i see, a bit of a odd method if u ask me but looks the part enough i figured itd be best to ask in here but does anyone know where i can find some WA 28 rd long magazines? all the main stores seem to be out of stock till the end of time with those. better yet, anyONE willing to let theirs go ?
  5. ezgil

    1911 Picture Thread

    whats the deal with that threaded barrel poking out so much? my WA uses a PDI threaded barrel and doesnt have any weird "under-barrel" peaking from the barrel lol.
  6. ezgil

    1911 Picture Thread

    i promise to fire up a nikon d40 shot of my 1911s once i get this kink worked out. ive posted on the just handguns topic but i think i could use some help here as well. instead of reposting and clogging up two threads, ill just leave a link to the thread: http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...howtopic=170840 i have some fitment issues with a pgc kit for a TM 1911A1 as expected. if someone could enlighten me on these fixes, thatd be greatly appreciated. thanks guys

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