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  1. Theyre on a order by order basis, might as well take the plunge and get one from Justin, he does things in a TIMELY manner, ie no longer than a month for a custom job, which is pretty damn good.
  2. More like 22 VS 125, Command element couldnt do much fighting. I dont even remember a cameraman taking pics of us now that I look at the album.
  3. All three of those guys are on this board, from left to right (the third pic) is Cephas, 5 to 1, and me.
  4. Haha, whats up Brandon did you miss out on that humvee training man, it was pretty damn fun.
  5. Humvee training time: Learning how to get in and out of a humvee quick and with all my gear on: Sitting shotgun: Dismounting and attacking (also to show how much gear I had on at the time, it wasnt very nice getting in and out of the humvee, especially sitting shotgun.) Hope you guys like them, I know I really liked the training.
  6. You sort of look like Fogle in Superbad in that first pic...
  7. Heh, classics dont really have trouble with water at all, search youtube for Youth Engineering MP5 (basically an Escort MP5 without the upgrades) and you'll see a pretty funny video with gas guns and water. Would recommend to field strip and clean it afterwards though. EDIT: Here it is:
  8. If you're looking for custom work, supposedly Daytonagun on classicairsoft.net is a good person to contact outside of Paul/Andrew, though my experiences with Paul so far will lead me back to him. BTW happy.al, is the reason why you have electrical tape on your SP's rear pin (the stock M16A1) because it's loose? If so, you can try what I did with the rear pin on my SP. Cut a strip of electrical tape, and then cut that strip to 1/4 of its original thickness, then wrap it once around the pin near the flat head and reinsert the pin, should be completely snug now.
  9. SgtBojangles, is that a YHM fore end? I've been thinking about getting one, sort of iffy on the quality though.
  10. Posted this awhile back, added a supressor and some a few internal tinkering
  11. Had a little spare time on my hands so I switched some parts between my Kimbers
  12. Thanks ocelot and phoenix, btw how could you tell ocelot?
  13. Would I have to take apart the gun, and if so, which part, I'm assuming the blowback chamber? Or can I find the part on the manual?
  14. Anyone happen to know how to tell the difference between SCW versions 1 and 2? I just bought a Kimber SWAT second hand and so far I've ruled out SCW 3 since it has an adjustable hop.
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