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  1. Coming back off a long airsoft hiatus (can't believe I registered here over 10 years ago) and have a few questions about the Next Gen M4 series as I'll likely dive into these. I have a couple of questions that reading a few dozen pages on this thread haven't answered: 1) Mosfet: BTC Spectres appear sold out everywhere. Is it possible to stick a regular mosfet in a SOPMOD? I see some people have done it right behind the gearbox, above the grip. Others route it all the way to the crane stock. Any recommended third-party mosfets besides the Spectre? 2) Outer barrels: are the outer ba
  2. I had a replica TA01 as well. It was well-made but useless for airsoft. My aimpoint got me a lot more kills than the 4x scope, which proved to be too much magnification for airsoft's short engagement distances.
  3. Someone brought a CA SR25 with RIS attached M203 to a game once. It wasn't an M4 front end, but it was heavy and unbalanced.
  4. My highly upgraded G&P-based M4A1: With ACOG: Internal Upgrades: Marui EG1000 motor Prometheus strike chamber w/ Big Out H-hop and Systema black bucking KM TN 6.04mm tightbore barrel G&G 7mm reinforced gearbox w/ bearing bushings Systema steel gears Prometheus MS 120 non-linear spring Deans connectors w/ 16AWG wiring External upgrades: King Arms Free Float RAS Moly Resin SOCOM black professional gun coating G&P crane stock Guarder flip-up rear sight (http://www.wgcshop.com/pcart/shopper.php?itm=GD-ACC-NB44_cat_Sights) G&P sli
  5. Thanks for the review! This looks like one of the better ones on the market. There's still a little typo with the space between ENFORCE MENT, however. Maybe they'll fix this in future batches.
  6. RedDragonAirsoft sells an unlabeled G&P TA01 for $140 shipped. You can tell it's the G&P because the outer black box is the same (with the exception of the sticker) and the scope has a nice rubber-coated exterior. Thanks for the review, it's good to know not all ACOG replicas are made equal.
  7. What did they put on the trades? Can you take it off?
  8. Thanks for the review! I suggest using macro mode on your camera to take some of your pictures. It should be the dial position with the drawing of a flower on it.
  9. G&P has easier disassembly.
  10. It's actually a King Arms RAS, and yes it does come with full KAC trades.
  11. G&P based, custom internals, Moly Resin treated body.
  12. I'm no army man but currently I'm working on the policy side of the US Army. I'd just like to remind you that approximately 1/4 of our soldiers in Iraq are coming back with PTSD. Most join with gung-ho attitudes, but war is war and sometimes it affects even the most mentally strong among us. Even some of the toughest soldiers coming back have recurring nightmares and can't socially interact in large crowds. That's what the constant presence of death does to people. I'm currently working on a rather large project on Veterans Affairs, and in talking to most soldiers back from Iraq, there re
  13. Wow! It reminds me of lego toys for some reason. Can you give us the backstory to this? What are the individual parts? What made you build this gun (and paint it blue)?
  14. http://blazingtoys.com/products/btsderaim01t.html AIM makes a clear plastic m4. It looks like the one you have - plastic front sight, plastic buffer tube, etc. Yours may have had TM parts added, but plastic furniture such as buffer tube, weaver rail, and front site and outer barrel are clear signs that AIM probably manufactured the externals. You might want to check into that.
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