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  1. it kinda looks.. wrong.. but i want one!!! how's the balance on that AK folding stock with the AFG infront? front heavy?
  2. good luck with that! i heard they're a b*tch to fit a gearbox in... i wanted to get one but changed my mind because of the amount of work you need to put in to make it fit.
  3. great! thank you very much! that's a lot of work to be done tho.. i hope there are Gas Pmags coming to save us all the hassle! LOL
  4. speaking of pmags... does anyone have a tutorial on how to retrofit a gbb mag on-to a pmag? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0_T2aAI7X4
  5. great ar15's tomster! more pics!
  6. try to find a Classic Army front cap or on from Dboy. they fit nicely. the MOE Handguard may be acquired taste in terms of looks but its really comfortable.. just try hold one.. i promise you'll consider buying one too!!
  7. wow.. that's an expensive collection mate!! here's my cheap JingGong Full Metal with CA CQB front assembly and devgru. the JG Peq sucks *ss but its all i have as of the moment that can fit my battery. I have plans of relocating the battery to buffer tube soon. its suppose to have the QD silencer to hide the extended inner barrel but i forgot to take a picture with it on. looks like ehhh but it performs like a dream -- 430fps with 25rounds per second OOTB
  8. yeah... or... you can tell them you picked up an AK in battle and decided to use it as to not draw attention from the sound signature of an m4... (i heard this from a NatGeo special on PMC's)
  9. nice... what rail is that? makes me wanna do a PMC/Rail Rape-d AK too!! edit: oopss.. didn't bother to read the next few posts.. you answered it already. VFC Samson. Thanx!
  10. bangus

    BELL EG720

    then you'd be happy to know they have released a full metal version of this on rsov
  11. did you break off your bolt catch for both guns? me too!! hooray for cheap crappy pot metal!!! :D
  12. wow! i forgot how sexy the soc was in black.. nice!!
  13. nice!!! analog mobile + 1911 = win!! now i hafta dig up in my parent's closet to find an old analog phone. i'm sure they had one of those before
  14. woah! another one? please post the link here or pm me if ever you find it again... now i'm intrigued by this....
  15. try going 1 page back..
  16. cool!! looks good!! i'll do the same thing to my rk02.. i'm gonna copy you!!
  17. it is really comfortable to wear? have you skirmished it yet? i think it fits better on Caucasians because of the structure of the nose. We Filipinos have rather wide noses. hahahaha I hope Sykes releases masks that look more Asian.
  18. can you post the picture of the rod that does the bolt blowback? i was thinking of doing it on my kalash since its a VFC copy
  19. awesomeness GRIM!!! the weathered look + RS mags = sex! makes me want to cry...
  20. also.. get a DEVGRU rear sight..
  21. paint stripper? that stuff is too strong IMO try using nail polish remover (Acetone i think is the right name) instead.. it would take you twice as long but you can be sure that everything will be safe, even the plastic parts.
  22. d*mn you!! you made me regret selling my harris bi-pod nice soc16! how's that suppressor working for you? is it hard to maneuver the rifle with the added length?
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