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  1. Now i know the ak or the left looks like someone just took a hacksaw to it but it is more than just that. It is actually made of parts of 5 different guns from 5 manufacturers shoved together with only 3 of them being ak based. Yay for parts bin specials.
  2. probably just a stupid question but with all these armalites with all these different mods/addons how come there is no full length m16 with a normal collaspsible stock? i mean out of all the combos it seems like nobody has done this basic mod.
  3. well with it being 2006 i feel like showing how much my gun has changed from the first post. right now its still a work in progress and the front grips are held down by rubber bands but eventually im going to replace the plastic stuff with wood.
  4. Note that this is not my P90 but i found these p90 pictures hilarious and i dont even own a p90 i got this pic from some guy selling his gun on ebay.Anyways whats the point of a picture thread if there isn't one horribly disfigured gun in it.
  5. The bipods a metal bipod that i bought off my freind and it clips on to the barrel it also extends to like 14 inches.
  6. Yeah since every other gun has a picture topic i felt that its only fair that thier is a topic for aks and to start it off here is a pic of my ak
  7. here is my ak47 Eventually when i get around to it im gunna paint my "silencer" or plastic tube. Its a hella long gun but it think it looks ok.
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