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  1. Lots of guys use A1 uppers on tactical carbines. Same with lightweight barrels. Not out of the ordinary at all, its actually smart.
  2. thanks man. the trijicon reflex is the best 1X optic i have ever used... i swear by it. i dont plan on ever getting another 1X optic. i like eotechs, but the reflex is just a complete improvement even over them. -Joe
  3. haha now thats just silly. 2 front sights. ha. -Joe
  4. can you please tell me how? i had one and i have no idea how that would be done! more pictures of it! -Joe
  5. machalley: more details on those M14 SOPMODs. please. thanks -Joe
  6. mine is the top one, the other 2 belong to team mates. as you can see, i use mine heavily -Joe
  7. and thats it??? thats so... simple. now i want an L85. -Joe
  8. revival! i need pics of Famases. im considering buying a real steel, and i need ideas for customization -Joe
  9. is there a link to a guide on how the CASV is attatched? just curious. -Joe
  10. kojak: how do you like that UBR? i love my real one, considering an airsoft version... -Joe
  11. most of the guys at a recent op -Joe
  12. grim: i think that looks fantastic. really really good. need in action pics! -Joe
  13. mine didnt come with one, but i used a panasonic CR123A. -Joe
  14. just returned mine to AEX. sad, but oh well. i love the G&P PEQ-2 as well, if you have that this will be a disappointment. -Joe
  15. what sort of weapon would it be based on? gas? spring? i know nothing about airsoft shotties except the maruzen 870 series. -Joe
  16. well im probably going to return it to AEX, but if you want to pay the full cost of $90, sure mine is black. -Joe
  17. yeah, there is no click for the adjustment, the arrows are all wrong, and it wont adjust to be at all usable. useless to me, as i got a laser unit FOR THE LASER. sorry, no pics now, but externally its pretty nice... its the internals that make me cringe. im sticking with my G&P PEQ-2. -Joe
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