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  1. To the OP - whats the thinking behind two pairs of scissors? Not a dig, but you could save some weight/space by just carrying the shears. Would be worth getting a resusci-aid of sorts too for any first aid kit.
  2. Nice locations all. Those that live near the sea - do you get decent waves there ever? Surfable etc?
  3. No badger? How things have changed
  4. Nie bit of kit, i was going to get one at one point.
  5. As for camelbaks if anyones interested in the temperate DPM one (green DPM ) then mines up for sale - drop me a PM.
  6. Just need a G36c, some white trainers and a mesh mask and that would be spot on
  7. Its not a great picture, but all the plastic was scratched up and the paint had come off the forward assist, carrying handle and all the raised profiles. I'll find a better picture...
  8. They used to be mine. The top one was an attempt at realistic wear. The bottom one was erm...not having the right disassembly tools.
  9. I've heard of the old LBV 40mm vest being used. Not the 'nam era m79 vest, but the 80s vest that attached to beltkit. Theres a picture on milphotos of a guy that set up his PLCE using the 40mm vest as a yoke and kept his beltkit the same.
  10. Bog standard SA80 A1 handguards? They have boxes of them at militaria fairs in the UK. Try Deac sellers.
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