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  1. Didn't have any headwear for the photo.
  2. Mine just cannot fit G&G mags, but so far have done fine with Star 105 round midcaps, King Arms mags, and the Star 30s I tested. Beyond that I'm not sure.
  3. Yep, under the topcover. The 56 has been shooting just fine, though the trigger doesn't seem as nice as my 56-1 I got in August.
  4. My second Type 56. I love these things.
  5. Turned my pretty useless 58 pattern webbing into an 8 mag AK rig with a GP pouch. Not quite as nice as a lot of the other stuff here, but I'm pretty happy with it.
  6. Over woodland BDUs of course. SOtech Hellcat x2 SDS double M4 pouches x1 SDS 1qt canteen pouch x1 SDS IFAK pouch x1 Bianchi M12 x14 midcaps. My light rig. >_>
  7. The underfolder has a fair bit of up and down wobble, but it's still not breaking anytime soon. Really just preference, though I'd probably get the full stock if I had the choice again.
  8. My 56-1 fits TM, Real Sword, STAR, and MAG magazines with no problems, what magazines are you having a problem with?
  9. I have not gone out and skirmished it yet, but so far it is the nicest feeling airsoft AK I've handled. It also is decently accurate out of the box, so I don't think I'm going to upgrade it. I'm going to be using it in a two day game in two weeks, so I'll update it when I get to use it. I sold my VFC AKS74UN for this, and I have no regrets at all about selling that great AEG, so that may tell you something about my opinion on the type 56-1.
  10. Realsword certainly makes a fine AK.
  11. WA MEU early version with an SD P14 HRT metal slide (already had one lying around, and I needed metal for a skirmish gun).
  12. You all must've underestimated my cheapness when it comes to this thing. It's a surprisingly solid sling, especially the paracord part I weaved, and the two piece makes it so I can get it off with all the other ungodly amount of slings and straps I wind up using in a hurry, but honestly, if the other part gave out, I seriously doubt I could get that damn shotgun less useful than it is now. If all of the sudden it starts working well and holding gas I'll be sure to buy a new sling.
  13. Ah, thats a bummer. It really might be something that's a better candidate for just painting over the whited in trades rather than getting the white stuff out.
  14. For some reason the whited in trades just don't look quite right on that.
  15. I usually think the M4 stock looks ridiculous on anything but AR variants, but damn, that looks pretty nice.
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