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  1. Mightyjebus, does that Knight's QD suppressor have foam in it? Or is it solid in the middle, with no way to remove the front to open it up?
  2. Couple of things, you will want to use the heaviest BB's you can with it. It's not just an American thing. Even with the short barrel you have, you will get more benefits for performance and range by using heaver BB's. Also you won't want to run the regulator at max input, and then use a different nozzle to adjust the FPS. The higher your input pressure, the more air you use, the faster you go through it. If you have access to an HPA fill station where you play, not that big of a deal. If you don't, plan on buying extra and larger tanks. You want to try to find that balance between input p
  3. If you have not do so already, in your search around the internet. I would suggest you read the "settings by Polarstar" post from the P*talk forum. http://www.pstartalk.com/showthread.php?1890-Settings-by-PolarStar Very good information about fine tuning the settings of the FCU.
  4. Quick question. What size roll pin punch is need to remove the pins from the barrel block, so I can remove the hop up?
  5. Had these for awhile now, but forgot to post a photo of them. Grey Ghost Gear duel AK mag panel with Masada AKM mags.
  6. So after searching around some more, I seem to have found the exact type of pouch I was looking for to fit AKM mags. Grey Ghost Gear Double AK Mag Panel. http://www.greyghostgear.com/pouches/ammo-pouches/double-mag-panel-ak-multicam
  7. So while not my 1st choice for a single mag shingle for the AKM magazines. The condor single/duel mag shingles fit the AKM mags with out issues (but not the stacker pouchs). I should have my AKM build finished in about a month or so. I'm having a P* installed in my AKM. Then I need to finish ordering the hop up parts to put together an r-hop'd barrel with a flat nub for it.
  8. Do you happen to have any photos of the Headontactical pouches with the AKM mags in them?
  9. Thanks for checking those out for me. Looks like my search will continue. Just trying to find something a little more readily available then like the customs ones from headontactical.com you linked.
  10. Those don't look to bad. So other then the TT pouches having an issue inserting mags quickly, the AKM mags will fit in them?
  11. For those running the Masada AKM. Other then HSGI TACOs, are there any other open top single or duel mag panels that will fit the AKM mags? Specificly looking at a TT fight light 5.56 dual mag panel.
  12. How needed is the mini reg after the main reg in the air line? Is it to just insure the output PSI in kept low enough, or is it for ease of adjustment? Because it seems like an HPA tank with a ninja SLP regulator (275PSI output) to a Palmer's rig (output tuned to the 100PSI or so that is needed) would be enough.
  13. Does anyone know where these are available from? I emailed ehobbyaisa about it and their responce was they were still pre-order only, with no idea of when they would have any in stock.
  14. From your posts, you've made it clear that they are different, and I'm looking foward to seeing the PTS version. Also hoping for a ver. 3 mechbox in it. I also took Vercingetorix's post as different questions. As he mentioned he just ordered the A&K version.
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