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  1. Maruzenman, your m4 looks really nice! Do you have any side pictures of it, showing it all? What kind of stock do you have on it?
  2. My humble WE. Yeager- Since every American has a US flag and has to have it in their gun pictures, lawl. Somebody from the UK said something like that once, pretty funny.
  3. Very nice, I like it a lot. Do you have any pouches for it yet?
  4. MICHEs will stop a 5.56 head on, not sure the minimum distance though. The military channel had a thing on where some of them were made, and how they were tested. Jay, I thought that if you marry a US citizen, you can stay in the country. Why still so much trouble?
  5. LOL I saw this crazy thing going down the road the other day. Yellow interior, and yellow on the inside of the massive rims. I wish you guys could have seen his uber custom wheel well mod to fit his rims and tires, I think he took a hack saw to them, and left the metal jagged, sharp, and cut all crooked. Funny as hell.
  6. Could be, or could be here legally. I don't see why people try so hard to get here illegally when all they have to do is get a visa and a plane ticket. They just don't want to pay taxes so they go the hard way. I bet the Military requires that they have a Visa or green card and stuff like that.
  7. The first picture makes the color look a lot better, It's the flash thats throwing it off I guess. The paintjob looks real good though. It would be nice to see some outdoor pictures of it, laid over camo/gear to get a better feel for it.
  8. Just noticed another DCU guy in the top right. Thats real weird. Maybe they are Air Force thrown in for the whole ceremony thing.
  9. Hahaha, I think I can figure out what you thought I meant. We gotta be careful or we'll get teh ban 4 life.
  10. ACU works great here! Spot the oddball Those were in Camp Victory, Baghdad. Soldiers gaining citizenship and some big ceremony. Found the pix on militaryphotos.net
  11. Alright thanks a lot. Was not there when I posted. The MJK looks so good. Easy to tell the difference between CB with it too. Question answered. Thats all it took.
  12. If you don't have an Eage Plate carrier in MJK or CB then please don't post ###### about it. I was wanting to talk to someone about it but I guess its to hard of a concept to handle. Serious people only, PM me about it. Enough.
  13. Thanks for a positive comment finally. Right arm says "We Kill For Peace." My left arm is the SCAA (South Carolina Airsoft Association) patch, our state organization. http://i202.photobucket.com/albums/aa38/th...91/100_2242.jpg Closeup of the right arm patch.
  14. Wha? It's been under discussion here for a little bit. You posted something about MJK, and that I don't know what it is, then after saying I do everyone starts saying matt johnson khaki. If you want it left alone you should quit going to every thread and saying something negative about it. Get the sand out your 'gina.
  15. No I've heard what MJK stands for, but I saw 'Tan' on a check list for an Eagle PC on one gear sight searching for one in stock. I guess MJK/Khaki is what I'm looking for.
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