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  1. thomasw

    Videos Thread !

    Man about 100 people have downloaded the video to pull 22gb. Too many people troll around arnies and don't post. The more who post, the more there are to own. I mean hey, there could be more kids like TCB out there. I can't imagine how awesome the next video will be from Ft. Ord.
  2. thomasw

    Videos Thread !

    Works great on my 1.25ghz Mac Mini (powerpc). Full screen skipped a bit, but on normal mode it ran awesome, which fit the width of my desktop (1280). Very high res.
  3. thomasw

    Videos Thread !

    Man, yesterday when my ISP got knocked out, all I kept thinking about was that you probably released your video already. Finally got it working and had forgotten about it. Then I come to this thread and wow. That was awesome. Great job. Your idea about following 1 team around would be awesome, with closeups and shots like in 24.
  4. thomasw

    Videos Thread !

    Here is my teammate getting blind fired in the face from nearly point blank. Right as the video stops you see him flinch. That is when he got up and all hell broke loose. I've never heard so many cuss words used in one sentence. Too bad that was not on video. What was that n00b even thinking by doing that? Or was he. Oh and here is one of the snakes that was found during the game Saturday.
  5. thomasw

    Videos Thread !

    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-9...022456754&hl=en My friend (kylec)'s APSC run at Operation Kudzu. He got first place with 23.23 seconds and won a WE-1911. This is some pure paper target pwnage right here.
  6. thomasw

    Videos Thread !

    Great job. Very nice special effects man. The flashes looked great.
  7. thomasw

    Red Fox Paintball 10/21/06

    SCAA game at Red Fox Paintball
  8. thomasw

    Nov. 4th game

    Nov 4th SCAA game at Marks field

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