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  1. Far-T

    WE G39C GBB

    Alright guys, My G39 has decided to stop working right. Stripped it down and part #91 in the trigger mech has snapped. The same thing has happened to my mates aswell. This is the part: http://i305.photobucket.com/albums/nn212/ChrisBenham45/IMAG0119.jpg I've looked on a few websites but cannot find this part anywhere! Can anyone help? Cheers
  2. Far-T

    WE G39C GBB

    Alright guys, I got myself a Npas set for this from RA-Tech and Im trying to get it fitted right. I've modified the nozzle spring as shown on their website and I've also modified the nozzle like the PDW nozzle link they have. No matter what I adjust the Npas too it still fires around 380fps. My limit is 360fps max! Do I need to modify my nozzle like in the M14 link or what? Would be so much easier if they had a link for a G39c nozzle... Cheers
  3. Far-T

    WE G39C GBB

    WOW! That's all I can say about this gun. It's fantastic! Got myself one today with 6 extra mags. My walet was a hell of a lot lighter after I did try and use a NineBall hop rubber but it didnt like that so switched back to the original one but used a smaller hop nub as before it made .2's so sky high!
  4. Far-T

    What's your backup?

    My main backup is a TM 1911, standard except an upgraded hop rubber. Cant fault it one bit! even out ranges some of the AEG's im up against And my yet to use in battle WA Kimber MarSOC cant wait, even got a safariland holster just for this! Use to have a NBB P99 that was just imense but mags are hard to come by and usually leak, tried everything to make them hold gas but no luck. My mates P99 is the same so he mainly uses his Kimber Worrior. Think im going to try and dual pistols with two very nice Kimbers this weekend
  5. Far-T

    B&T MP5

    Classic Army MP5

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