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  1. Minutes before demolishing opfor. I'm the one that still has a face.
  2. OMG I have to get myself a silencer. It looks so cool. Which one do you use? Is it a SOCOM?
  3. Does anyone know where could I get a unused DPM helmet cover?
  4. OMG for cryin' out loud what did you do to this poor P90!! You should never ever paint your gun pink! Unless you're a girl or gay. Even then...it just looks horrid. It looks like some AssMolestor T500 from a sick airsoft hentai.
  5. Xantos

    USP Picture Thread

    Jonny: How much does the compensator weigh?
  6. Is RAS a real steel accessory or not? I haven't seen any real G36 with it...
  7. Xantos

    USP Picture Thread

    6ft4, I couldn't send you a PM...it said you either don't have a permission or your mailbox is full.
  8. Xantos

    USP Picture Thread

    6ft4, where did you get Match weight? I was looking through the web and found squat...
  9. Thank you. Well I use mine primarily for woodland (we almost never play CQB). The dot is bright and is clearly seen in daylight. So far it proved to be extremely useful for combat. I chose this kind of scope because Red Nishin cell (SC: Chaos Theory) had G36C in this configuration and I liked the look very much. I was thinking of buying a silencer as well. At the moment I'm gravitating more toward a longer lower rail to move the handle closer but we'll see...maybe I'll get both accessories.
  10. I have the same reflex sight on my G36C. I'll post some photos tomorrow so you can see how it looks. (In my opinion it looks awesome. And it's quite effective in combat.)
  11. *ROFLMAO* What the hell is that gross thing??
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