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  1. Has anyone considered how much the X-Five kit is going to cost? We'll need new longer outer barrels, recoil rods, springs, a new single action sear that can be cocked and locked, adjustable sights and new mag baseplates... PGC may have bitten off more than they can chew, cos its going to turn out to be one of the costliest GBB kits around, unless they go cheap on it which won't bode well for quality To make it affordable they might make it less functionally realistic. There is also a P226 SAS due out, which might be pretty cool. Its basically a "melted" and dehorned
  2. When is that X-Five kit due out? I might build a brand new stainless X-Five during the springtime if its realistic enough My Blackwater kit got here just in time for Xmas but the Altamont grips are late P.S. I used a r/s mainspring seat on my Sig well over a year ago and posted the info too...what gives with the "how-to" guide? Its easy!
  3. Guarder = cast = poor definition and sloppy tolerances (so performance IS affected) PGC and Prime = CNC-milled aircraft grade aluminium = amazing finish and very precise fit In a week or so I should have my Blackwater P226 up and running, complete with the authentic Altamont Blackwater grips Its all in the post now, so my bank-breaking P226 will finally have the exterior that its guts deserve Right now it has a stupid looking glittery Creation "silver" slide which is pathetic despite my best efforts to polish it back to a matte finish As long as TMC get the finger out and
  4. Yawn TM use poo for metal in their guns. Comparing older WAs to any TM is a joke. There is simply ZERO comparison. My P226 and DE have horrendous metal parts...they look like cheap pot-metal with a bare minimum of watery black paint. They also wear pretty badly...my Sig trigger now looks almost white for Gods sake, and the parts all have horrible casting seams. If WA can be accused of anything, it certainly isn't lack of realism, unless you mean having a real-steel equivalent. The other thing they can't be accused of is poor reliability. Unless...you run it off high pr
  5. But a lot of Arnies greatest b.s. artists have huge numbers of posts. Some of the most unhelpful, stupid rubbish I've read on this forum has been from CS-kiddies who must spend all day chairsofting and slagging off skirmishing noobs for asking genuine questions. Like the infamous SEARCH NOOB!!! posts (which deserved a name-and-shame jerk points system all of its own), despite the fact that searching only ever gives me 8 million pages on totally unrelated subjects And now me and Hauk can't exchange +1's for our budding HK collections And Sledge can't get buttered up by
  6. Bling anyone? Its like a souped-up AUG for a souped-up Civic I have a carbon fibre lid on my laptop...you can tell if you look really closely at the fibres and see that they aren't exactly uniform in dimension and colour, unlike fakey molded-and-lacquered stuff that looks perfect(ly ######)
  7. PenGun

    USP Picture Thread

    You can always just look at the trigger guard...a full-size USP has an straight "angled" trigger guard while the Compacts all have "hook" ones for your support index finger. Not all Compacts have bobbed hammers, usually the DAO versions have it as standard, but then they'd have no need for a control lever... Also there are different mag baseplates depending on the market etc. You can get a few different types: flat, shelf-type, jet-funnel (Elites). And if the pic is clear enough it should read "Compact" on the slide Now if anyone could get hold of an airsoft USP45 Com
  8. That has to be the ugliest 1911 clone I've ever seen Its like a P7M10 mated with a Colt Commander and their spawn got all the ugly genes, then fell out a window and landed the ugly tree, hitting every branch, leaf and root on it Whats up with the gutter sight?
  9. You'll probably find that the 1J limit is fairly arbitrary. It might be designed to prevent toys causing serious injury to the eyes etc. but it is probably well on the safe side for field skirmish purposes. There was a law here prohibiting civilians owning anything above .270 Winchester rifles, (because the army used .308/7.62 Nato etc.) but a lot of these laws have practically zero bearing on reality. Some bureaucrat likes the look of a certain number and its made law The 1J limit couold stand to go up to 1.3 (375fps for a 0.2g) or even 1.5J (400fps) without affecting safet
  10. You sure? I have an SCW1 Meusoc 1911 (its about 2+ years old I think) and if there had been Kimbers out then I would have gotten one instead At the time there were pretty much only a handful of SCW guns , mostly Infinities and some newer 1911s. On the other hand, I got a Kimber TLE/RL II just after they came out and it is definitely SCW2. I think the Magnatechs are SCW3, and the rest SCW2... Anyway them all looks good and shoots nice
  11. PenGun

    USP Picture Thread

    Damn you people. The white/tan only goes on certain trades... You should white-in the adler ober N proof stamp and serial number on the chamber too! This is nearly identical to my USP45, apart from the Tactical slide/threaded barrel etc. The Hogue grips are well worth the effort putting them on Will post a pic as soon as I get new batteries for the camera
  12. I only have a real gun safe for my real rifle... Its a big whoop-*albatross* fire-proof steel safe bolted to an exterior blockwork wall with big bad anchor-bolts I put in with a hammer drill and humongus masonry bit...does that count as hard? Grrrrr....man tools! The airsoft gear hides in wardrobes. No dust getting on my babies
  13. Hope this works... USP45 with Shooters Design slide and King Arms recoil spring & guide: Its a simple one but a good 'un Glad the blue-black slide came out in the photo
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  15. If you want even more bling, then have a look at the Ajax Pewter Grips... Not sure if they do them for Officers Models but you can get laminated wood grip with medallions on them which are really nice! Their site is kinda slow but there is some cool (and downright gaudy ) stuff on it! Regards PenGun
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